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Friday, September 23, 2011

HH's Harvest Bread for Fall

Happy Harvest. Bring on the fall, seriously. Things really are changing and it's not the leaves, yet. Nope; Greg baked something! In the time I've known him I am pretty sure that he has never turned on the oven. Neither of us is sure what came over him but I was browsing Happy Herbivore the other day and G saw this Harvest Bread recipe and almost immediately set about planning what we had and what he needed to buy. Why this bread? Why now? Some mysteries of the world will never be answered.

It came out pretty well. It is described as "super moist" and it certainly was. It could have benefited from being cooked a little longer but I don't think that's any fault of G's. I am super proud of him and now eagerly await piles of cookies. Plus I love to imagine him in an apron grating vegetables and stirring!
Does your significant other cook or bake often, or do you mostly take care of that?


  1. That sounds yummy! Happy autumn! ;) I am a single gal so I don't have people cook for me often, but I always make sure to enjoy every second of it when they do!

  2. haha, that was sweet of him. It looks very good!

    Did he make a mess in the kitchen after baking this? That usually happens here. But I don't have much room to talk because I always have my kitchen looking like a disaster hit when I make something.

    I'm usually the only one that makes the food I eat. But I really enjoy making food so that is fine by me! :)

  3. Hey, nothin' says lovin' like something from the sweet of G. The bread looks yummy too, perfect with some tea or soy milk etc.

    My other half has never baked in his life! But, he does cook sometimes--one-pot meals only, which are usually really tasty, but the mess afterwards...Yikes!

  4. Wow, what came over him? And, I checked out the recipe, and there's like several ingredients! I would have to have a chair nearby to swoon into if my G did something like that. My G makes fried potatoes about once every two years or so. And...that's about it. Hmm. I'm so proud of your G, sniff.

  5. Wow. It does look great & moist! Fall makes me want to eat loads of bread, which I don't usually have, ever! Grew up with freshly baked bread and kind of just LOVE baking bread!

  6. When my man does something out of the ordinary like that, it means he's up to something. Make of that what you will.

  7. VAVA, moms count! They are totally significant!

    Isobelle, luckily for both of us, I wasn't home when he made this so I don't know how bad the mess was but he did clean up good. Usually I'm so neurotic and neat freak-y that I'd be leaning over his shoulder to tell him he dropped a sprinkle of flour.

    Rose, I totally had it for breakfast that morning with some hot tea. Perfect.

    Blessed Mama, haha I know! It wasn't one of those "just add water" things! Good for both of our Gs.

    GS, I hear you. I'm already all over cooked food even though the high-raw summer was wonderful. Are you a quickbreads or a yeasted breads lady?

    Shen, don't worry, I'm rifling through his diary right now.

  8. I'm going to have to add this to my "to make" list. It looks good!

    Mike does most of the cooking and I do all of the baking. We're both quite happy with that arrangement. :)


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