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Monday, August 1, 2011

Yum Yum Lunch

Happy August, guys. I kind of burnt out on the last days of July but now I am back with a (VWA) vengeance. I cooked and baked a fair amount of things today, as well as picked up a huge shopping haul from Trader Joe's (I'm gonna say 30 lbs on my two little arms, as well as bags of other errands, on public transportation. A sight to behold.), but I'm gonna focus on today's lunch.
Oh, and the morning, fueled by this chicory/coffee blend from Cafe Du Monde!

I feel like my sister got this from a friend of hers who stopped in New Orleans a while back but it's been festering in my parents' drawers for too long so...I swiped it. I'd been thinking about the stuff since Hannah shared this cute little cartoon on twitter. It was less labor intensive and quite delicious, iced cold all day. My family and I actually stopped in Cafe du Monde when we were in NOLA in 2005 (before Katrina!) and had some coffee and (non vegan) beignets.
Anyway, I felt like putting a little effort into the day for a change, and since G stayed home to totally work really hard, I made him lunch from Vegan Yum Yum: Pan-Seared Tomato and Rosemary Artichoke sandwich. He says he liked it; he's a big fan of artichokes. To quote, "It was basically really good. If there was a place near work that offered it for 7 dollars or less and came with a side salad I would probably order this salad on a semi regular basis for a couple of months or until I got sick of it." Apparently it was a bit oily but that could be because I drizzled more oil on the bread and toasted it in the oven rather than grilling it like the directions say.

It was pretty easy to put together despite the separate steps. You cook the tomatoes (I used cherry tomatoes because that's what we had) and artichokes in the same pan, so there wasn't much to wash afterwards. Honestly, the most annoying part was making the balsamic reduction to drizzle on top - you have to be very careful not to overcook it but I was paranoid and may have took it off the heat too soon. It definitely didn't get "syrupy," though the taste did change.
I chose not to partake because I had eaten lunch a little earlier. My lunch was less planned out but still delicious. A big salad with veg from the shopping haul (oh check out my new bowl!) AND a cucumber/lemon half-sandwich from Shen's post waaaayyy baaacckk when!

However, if you want to know the whole sad story behind this lunch, I ate the salad first while checking Shen's blog to see if the sandwich was missing anything or if I did something wrong but my computer is so slow and busted that I had finished the salad before Shen's post had loaded and I was still hungry so I just ate the sandwich, only to learn later that there was supposed to be salt on the cukes and hummus on the bread. Oh well. I'd say next time, but I thought the rinds on the lemon were kind of gross, so there probably won't be a next time.

Are there any recipes that have been marinating in your minds since seeing them a long time ago? Or do you usually make something interesting as soon as you see it?


  1. Ooooh Cafe du Monde coffee!! I was there pre-vegan as well and the iced coffee and beignets were amazing! I have to see if I can score some of that! And the Vegan Yum Yum sandwich looks AMAZING!!! I kind of want to turn that into a salad.

    I have a bunch of raw recipes I'm trying to get to but I usually let the recipe marinate a big before I can get to it. I have a whole bookmark folder of hundreds of recipes I eventually want to try...some in there for years!

  2. That sandwich looks enormously delicious! It sounds like it would quickly become a favorite. Your salad looks great too. All those cucumbers!

    I remember that sandwich from Shen's blog, and I remember wanting to make it. Now that you've brought it back to mind, I'll have to try it soon; cucumbers abound at the moment!

    I have sooo many recipes from the blogs that I want to make.

  3. I have seen that coffee everywhere and I've always been afraid to try it. I guess I should just do it! I love coffee :)
    You must try the orient apple vodka! I thought it was a limited edition when it was called Brooklyn, but the feedback on the product must've been good enough for absolute to introduce the flavor to their line :)

  4. The coffee with chicory sounds enticing to me. I've had a love/hate relationship with coffee for years now, but finally gave in to it... for now.

    That sandwich is something I want to try! I usually print out recipes and try them within a few weeks of seeing them. Otherwise, I forget.

  5. i have vegan yum yum, but i somehow never noticed that sandwich recipe. how is that possible? your pic is making me realize i need to eat one very soon.

  6. I recently bought Vegan Yum Yum, and that sandwich is on my list to make. Yours looks great. Happy August!

  7. I've heard of that coffee, but have always been to chicken to buy any to try.
    If I liked artichokes, I would have to try that really does look yummy!
    I totally forgot about that cucumber/lemon sandwich that Shen made. I was going to try it, but the whole lemon thing with the rind on it just kinda made me cringe....
    I'm with Rose...I have a ton of recipes from blogs that I want to make. :o)

  8. Nice looking grub. The time off did your blog good.

    The key to the sandwich is to slice the lemon rind super thin on a mandolin (which I did, taking off my fingernail in the process). I would make it again. Thanks for reminding me of my own (found on the internet) recipe.

  9. The pan-seared tomato, rosemary and artichoke sandwich literally made my mouth water. I'm not really a sandwich kind of gal - but i'll try this one!

  10. VAVA, it looks like they have a website: Now that I see it, I'm pretty sure my family bought some of that beignet mix too! I was totally going to put the artichokes and tomatoes into a salad, I bet it'd be amazing, but I wasn't hungry at that point, really. Next time!

    Rose, maybe you should just make the recipe thing easier for yourself and only make the ones that use cucumbers!

    Lacey, it was pretty good. I was a little upset the chicory taste wasn't so pronounced but maybe that's just me.

    Molly, I've been on and off coffee as well and I drink small amounts of it but I do love it.

    Sara, there's a "picnic sandwich" right after it that also looks pretty great. I think it's the "light meals" section.

    Veggie Burger, I hope you like the cookbook. It has some gems but I'm not totally thrilled with the comfort foody vibe to the whole thing.

    Michelle, haha yeah the rinds were rough to get down. Artichokes, on the other hand!!

    Shen, obviously I was thinking of you the whole time I was away.

    Jesse, I'm not really a sandwich fan either - too much bread blocking the good stuff! - but there's so much good stuff in this one, it's okay. There's even basil under it all!

  11. I like that tomato sandwich, but I don't know much about making a balsamic reduction. I tried, once, and the kitchen smelled like vinegar and made my eyes sting. Maybe that's cooking it too long. Still, sounds good, and I love artichokes.

  12. i just tried some barley coffee. i think there was some chicory in it but im not all the food pics!


  13. I made the Tomato & Rosemary Artichoke Sandwich last night. I thought it was delicious even though it was the messiest sandwich I've ever eaten. I bought white baguette bread to put it on, and since I never (or rarely) eat white bread, it was a real treat. But I see what you're saying about how everything is comfort food. A little of that goes a long way!


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