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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Roasted Beet and Citrus Salad, Kale Salad and Raw Crackers

You got drinks and dessert first; now here are some dinners.
A few days ago I roasted some beets so that they wouldn't go bad and yesterday night, I used this recipe to make a really delicious and out-of-the-ordinary salad for dinner.

Roast beet, grapefruit, and avocado in a mustard-lemon dressing over spinach (to make it a fuller meal.) This was really delicious, a nice change of pace, and surprisingly filling. Also, a great way to use grapefruit which I enjoy a lot but rarely think to buy.
And tonight's dinner:

All raw and another super-filling meal without being heavy. Kale salad with avocado, onion, tomato, and cucumber. On the side is Jennifer Cornbleet's raw zucchini hummus with Two Moms in the Raw Garden Herb Sea crackers.
They were an interesting purchase. They aren't bad, but they're a little heavy on the rosemary (which I've noticed to be a trend in gluten-free crackers. I tried some Mary's Gone Crackers a while back and was overwhelmed by the rosemary flavor.) I also didn't realize the "Sea" in the flavor when I bought them so I was a little surprised to taste a slight "sea-y" flavor from the kombu in the ingredients. Like I said, they aren't bad and they were perfect dipped in the hummus, which is all I really wanted. I would say I'd be interested to try other flavors but for $6 a bag, it isn't worth it; there are raw cracker recipes I can make at home!
One note on the hummus...I ate the kale salad first and left the hummus on the table. Before I could get to it, my cat jumped on the table to sniff at it, slipped, and fell, putting her paw right in the hummus! She then proceeded to dart out of the room, leaving zucchini hummus-y footprints on the table. What a dope.

What a cute dope.


  1. OMG> the cat is too much!! Cute!! And I am thinking that she might play with the paper on the floor too!! Our huge cat who we still aren't convinced isn't actually our old bulldog, well he tried to snatch a piece of Amy's Vegan Pizza pimped out with Daiya & veggies last night. He is very food driven!!

  2. OMG what a cute kitty! That salad sounds so interesting and different! I love rosemary so now I'm really curious about those crackers...and since I'm starting my raw experiment next week I may have to try them :) I have all of my ingredients for zucchini hummus as well, aaaaaaaand since I finally got my hands on kelp noodles I'm excited to experiment with those!

  3. Get Skinny - she LOVES the papers on the floor. I've heard of other cats loving vegan cheese before too! I wonder what it is?

    VAVA, do you have the Jennifer Cornbleet cookbook? That's the one I wanted to send you!

  4. awww thats a great story to remember, wht a funny little girl,hahah i can picture it in my head, her running around like that with hummus paws


  5. No I don't have it! Yay, thank you so much, I'm sending my address now!

  6. Can one ever say enough about kale? I could eat it cooked or raw, so good. Funny, little kitty.

  7. There just aren't enough recipes combining Grapefruit and Mustard. Why not?!

    and Ye olde tub of Hummus as a last hope for cooling off. Been there.

  8. Michelle, I can bet your pig and duck get in to similar messes themselves. I think a hummusy duck print would be even funnier.

    VAVA, I'll mail it Monday.

    BM, All hail kale! I love it in smoothies too.

    Shen, you're right! You should write an all grapefruit/mustard cookbook. Grapefruit mustard sorbet: there's your first recipe, go!

  9. Cute kitty! She looks a little zany...zucchini hummus paw prints, now that has to be a first.

    That salad looks and sounds so good. I bought beets and grapefruit today to make it.


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