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Friday, August 19, 2011

Just a Dinner

Whole Foods had a one-day sale on cantaloupe today (2 for 3 dollars), so G and I stocked up and got two each.
I don't exactly go in much for food combining rules but I have heard that melon is the one fruit people ought to be careful with, eating it alone (or with other melon) at least half an hour before any other food and 3 hours after a meal. I mean, you probably won't explode or anything if you don't do that but the idea of rotting melon in my guts sort of freaks me out.
POINT IS, G and I got our melon fix as soon as we got home from work, making a cantaloupe slushie (basically just cantaloupe and ice - but we added green tea, lime juice, and mint as well). It was perfect for the humid night.
We sipped those and that held me over while I prepared dinner, a bit more of a heavier and cooked meal since the humidity turned into a crazy windy lightning storm.

Pan-cooked zucchini with black pepper and thyme, tempeh, and sauteed collards with tomatoes. Simple stuff but tasty and filling.
Goji-Cacao bar for dessert.


  1. My WF had cantaloupe sale today too. I didn't buy any though...your melon slushie sounds great. Yummy looking dinner too.

  2. I didin't know that about melon..scary! I made a watermelon slushie today with just frozen watermelon chunks and a bit of water. Melon is great for making those.

  3. Looks Lovely. I live for the one day only fruit sales yet only bought 4 yesterday because we had to go somewhere after shopping and it was too hot to buy 500 and leave in the car!

  4. OMg that dinner looks delicious!!!

  5. Ha! $1.50/lope! What a rip!

    I hope the t'storm didn't scare Tiny Muffin Butt too terribly bad.

  6. Rose, I can't stay away from a good sale!

    Isobelle, that sounds really great. I've got to try that.

    Get Skinny, I'm sure we would have bought more if we had a car but it was a little ridiculous hauling them back on the subway!

    Thanks, VAVA. G agreed and he doesn't even like tempeh that much.

    Shen, are cantaloupe just that prevalent in VA? 99 cents is seriously cheap!


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