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Friday, August 5, 2011

Feel Good Stuff: Life and Food

Agh, I had a lot of good stuff to talk about yesterday but I had a really bad headache and couldn't focus on anything. I went to sleep at 10 o clock. Here's a talky yesterday recap, interspersed with breakfast lunch and dinner to break things up a little, haha.

I had the food pantry yesterday and had a really good time. We handed out eggplants, squash, and collard greens. I know most of you readers aren't from Brooklyn, but my food pantry is in a part of Brooklyn that has a high concentration of West Indies: Haiti, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Due to their background, these people are very accepting of the vegetables I'm giving out. They seem honestly excited to get fresh vegetables, moreso (I would imagine) than people up in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn (where we also have a pantry) where the population is more Polish and the diet is based on meat. The food pantry is in a Seventh Day Adventist Church, a religion that recommends vegetarianism. I remember last year during MoFo, one blogger only made food out of old cookbooks, one or two of which were SDA books! Although people don't need to belong to the church to get food, I think a lot of them do. Those that don't seem to be Rastafarians (they have dreads and wear Selassie pins and colors), another group that favors vegetarianism and clean eating. Obviously there are other people who could be of no religion, or of any other religion.
I really love this job because I basically just talk about food to really nice people and in doing so, I learn just as much from them as they (might) from me. One older guy was excited to see me and asked if I had followed his recipe for pickling radishes and I told him about the kim chee. Another guy told me how if you soak eggplant skin in water for three days, remove the skin and add sugar, it's a delicious drink (sounds kind of gross but whatever), other people and I share juicing recipes, some people come back the next week and tell me they roasted the beets like I told them to; or sometimes a woman will be dismissive of my nutrition facts but finally open up when I ask her how she likes to cook zucchini. Anyway. Just wanted to share some veggie love with you guys, who I know understand. Have you ever randomly shared vegetable talk in the grocery aisles? Or with someone you work with?

Other notes: I went for a run yesterday and felt pretty good: 2.2 miles in 19:59, and that's having to wait for some streetlights to change, haha. I'm going to work on my time and then work on distance. Jenny mentioned she wouldn't have picked me for a runner; I guess I don't talk about it often but it's one thing that makes me incredibly happy. I ran cross country in high school and have sadly slacked off since then. I have to remember to do it more often.
One more note, and then today's food: I'm sprouting chickpeas!! They had little tails as of this morning. I'll take a photo tomorrow.


  1. The food pantry sounds like a great environment to work in. The way you describe it, it sounds like a really nice community which is really nice. That is funny that you are working on time then distance because I'm the opposite: working on distance and once I get my distance I'm going to work on time. Everyone is different! I still don't like running :X Beautiful meals as always!

  2. Thanks for commenting, VAVA, it was a lot of talk, ha, but I really appreciate those folks at the pantry and I wanted people to know.
    Maybe I'm going about running all wrong! I'm just sort of obsessive and wanted to know exactly how much I was doing before I branched out to a "free run."

  3. That's really great about your experience with the food pantry. I wish I could be a part of something like that. We learn new things about you all of the time! (Which is great.) I promise I now picture you as a runner (just have to tweak the detail-less vision of you to include running shoes).

  4. Jenny, I was almost going to have G take a photo of me bright pink and sweaty post-run to prove it to you, but having you just believe me is far less embarrassing.

    Shen, it is inside, but I go outside to the line to talk to the people...why do you ask?

  5. I am a beginner runner and your time sounds great. I stop to walk every few minutes and still get so tired after about 30 minutes, which is usually about 2.5 miles.

    I love talking about vegetarianism - I have a co-worker who is veggie, and last time I was shopping for Field Roast someone struck up a conversation with me. It's so difficult to do on your own. I ate a very limited diet before I discovered resources online like blogs. (As if I'm like 60, but I thought blogs were all political or diaries. What?)

  6. Wonderful to hear about your experience at the food pantry. When I lived in OK I volunteered at one and it was one of my very favorite things to do. I loved talking to people about food though what I handed out was not as healthy as what you are giving out I'm afraid.

    And I talk to people about food all the time. There are very few vegetarians and even fewer vegans where I live so I am always open to talk about it. I am very low key about it most of the time and it has opened up lots of good conversations.


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