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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Earth's Bounty, Food Pantry

More basic stuff today.

Overnight oats with chia, banana, goji berries, coconut flakes, and pumpkin seeds. Feuling myself for the food pantry.
I brought my camera and took photos of the veggies this week: carrots, corn, and eggplant!

Doesn't the corn look fresh? No one believed me when I told them you could eat corn raw! I had another nice conversation with some woman from Barbados who grew eggplants, sugar cane, cauliflower, long beans... I also had a sign up sheet for a farm trip that the program is heading! Next Monday (the 22nd) we're going up to visit the farm (Hearty Roots in Tivoli, NY) where the weekly vegetables are grown to talk to the farmers and tour the grounds! I am really excited and will definitely have a post on that one for you.
Here's lunch and snacks that I packed for later:

Raw Revolution bar, some strawberries, and a bunch of vegetables chopped up and mixed with the tart filling. A cross section shot:

Tofu ricotta, squash, red bell pepper, broccoli, and tomato.
And dinner:

Chilled golden beet soup, steamed kale with tahini sauce, and way more chopped vegetables than I could eat. I gave some to G.
Tomorrow I've got something tasty, I promise. drink or not to drink is the question.


  1. Look at that food, all so healthy and beautiful...go ahead and have a drink! :D

    That is some lovely produce from the Food Pantry; I'm looking forward to your farm visit post.

  2. Your post inspired me to buy pumpkin seeds and give them a whirl. I discovered they are great sprinkled on salads, and on their own. I will sprinkle them in morning oats next time. Yum! Also found out they are great at building the immune system, not to mention packed with protein. Sa-weet!

  3. Wow what gorgeous colorful food, as always! The food pantry veggies look amazing, those are three of my fav veggies! Once I tried raw corn I probably won't go back to cooked. It is so sweet and fresh I love it. Love the cross section pic!

  4. You're right about those raw revolution bars, they are slimy/oily. I wasn't able to stomach the green one at all. I'm doing a giveaway on my blog in the next couple weeks of all my favorite things, and whoever wins will definitely end up with the green raw revolution bar i have stashed at my house ;)

  5. I bet it takes you an hour to chew your breakfast! The first time I ate corn raw was at the state fair. My girls had just competed in a corn husking competition, and afterwards the guy said to just munch on the corn. We hesitatingly did and were so surprised at its crunch sweetness!

  6. I love tahini sauce with kale. I need to remember to do that again soon.

  7. Rose, don't worry; I had the drink ;)

    Wakal, not clean enough to eat out of.

    Jesse, pumpkin seeds are amazing! The protein is a bonus but to be honest, I eat them most when I'm on my period because I always get really bad headaches but the iron in them (psychosomatic perhaps) really helps.

    VAVA, raw corn is great stuff. Actually, can I give you a present? You should email me your address because I found a raw book at work that I think you should have, unless you own it already.

    Lacey, I'm all over free food giveaways, even free food you think is gross!

    BM, I wish it took me that long (or that I had that much time to spend in the mornings).

    Jessica, tahini sauce: put it on your calendar! I promise to eat it a lot in the coming days to remind you.

  8. Awww you are sweet! I'll send you my address for sure! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!

  9. No doubt the woman from Barbados totally won when you wrestled her for the Eggplant.


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