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Friday, August 5, 2011

Beet Green Dinner

And back to our regularly scheduled program. Just so it doesn't get lost in the mess, this is my talky previous post about my food pantry program, running, and sprouting. All happy things.
Also happy:

Breakfast smoothie: spinach, peach, banana, strawberries, Vega natural optimizer.
Lunch on the run (steamed kale and radish/cucumber/arame salad from WF bar) because I had to pick up some groceries, including these MONSTERS from the farmers' market!

I bought six pounds of beets today! After I while, I realized that was a little ludicrous and gave two massive beets to my friends at work. Not to say my bag still wasn't seriously heavy to haul home. I think these guys are chiogga beets. I will have to slice em to see. I was hoping for some golden beets to make this amazing sounding soup but I couldn't find any! I hope it'll still work.
G and I made a salad for dinner when we got home but I figured I might put the beet greens to work (which I've never done before!) since we had so many and I didn't want them to go bad.

Pan-cooked beet greens with shallot, garlic, olive oil, and salt, uncooked tofu with sriracha, red pepper, carrot pate. The greens were awesome! They tasted pretty much like spinach - maybe a little more bitter, but they held up better when cooking. Do you usually use the tops of your vegetables? Or do you not even have the choice? Here's an interesting article from the NY Times a few days ago about using up food scraps that often go to waste. It's something I tell the food pantry clients about, and something everyone should do!


  1. OMG those beets are massive!! Your dinner looks so yummy and I love adding sriracha as a condiment :)

  2. Those are some large veggies!

    Your dinner looks elegant and delicious, and shallot sounds so good with those greens. I usually add garlic, but I'll remember to add some shallot too next time.

    Your food pantry job sounds like fun. Somehow, I had missed your previous post about it. All that veggie talk! One of my dream jobs is working at a farmers' market selling veggies, which would involve a lot of that too.

  3. Very nice looking dinner. I notice you're that carrot dip is getting slopped onto any and everything.

  4. or i notice that, take out the 'you're'.

  5. VAVA, sriracha is awesome. I don't know what I'd do without it.

    Rose, I'd had those shallots forever! I don't usually use them, since I have onions on hand more often, but they're nice. Working in a farmer's market would be great! Except for the waking up at 4 am.

    Shen, haha, yeah; I kind of have no idea how to use the rest of it up. "Spread," "pate," "dip," "slop," it's all the same to me.


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