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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to the Grind

Glad you guys liked the farm trip post! I tried to appreciate every bit of food I was eating today.
 Breakfast was half a cantaloupe, followed by a Green Vibrancy Vega bar at work around 11.

I really love the little crunch and crisp of the sprouted buckwheat in these in contrast to the rest of the homogenous bar. There are also white chia seeds, which give a little texture.
Lunch was more leftover rice and sweet potato (4th meal of it! Leftovers are so great to have) with shredded lettuce, olives, tomato, and carrot. Mixed up with some tahini, mustard, and nooch.

I ate this, along with a nectarine outside in the park, wondering why all the office workers were standing around outside on their cell phones.
Then I went grocery shopping while G, on his lunch, went tandem grocery shopping. The only thing I bought that wasn't on my list was ginger snaps, are you proud of me? I also bought 2+ lbs. of dried chickpeas, haha. Since I was away all day yesterday, I didn't get to do all the chores I usually do on my day off. It stressed me out a little but not enough not to enjoy baby goats!!

Dinner was heavy with vegetable bounty:

Lettuce wraps with hummus, red pepper, carrot, mushroom, tomato, and zucchini.
Dessert was some ginger snaps and way too many dried apricots, oof. Nice job "appreciating" and "savoring," Maud. I'm probably also going to enjoy another berry boozer tonight.... Oooh, has anyone ever tried infusing with berries before?? That sounds really tasty, and a good way to use up the berries that go bad so quickly!


  1. Whoa check out those gorgeous lettuce wraps! And the bowl looks yummy as well. Love the tandem grocery shopping :) And yay for cute baby goats! Did you feel the earthquake?!

  2. Yeah, the berry boozer sounds irresistible. I was going to ask the same...whether you felt the quake.

    Mustard, tahini, and nooch sounds like a good combo.

    Love the baby goats too!

  3. The only berry infused thing I ever made was sangria...if that's what you are talking about. It's early here, so I really can't think. I love the baby goats! Those lettuce wraps look awesome too!

  4. Yes, I infused berries a long time ago. Unfortunately, I skimped on the vodka (used Smirnoff). Don't skimp!

  5. Love the cute little baby goats! :o)
    I seriously need to try one of those Vega bars.
    Your lettuce wraps look great!

  6. Thanks for the bonus goat photo!

    2+ pounds of chickpeas sounds like the way to go. I always use those more quickly than other beans... plus they cook relatively quickly. I'm glad to see that was on the list ;)

    Good luck with the infusing - I'm not much of a liquor girl. My brother wants to open an all-vodka bar and do his own infusions. Being a bad, selfish sister, I scolded him for not offering craft beers and never bothered to ask for details about his infusion dreams.

  7. VAVA, I didn't feel the earthquake, as I work in a basement, haha, but apparently everyone else did.

    Rose, mustard, nooch, and tahini is my new fave!

    Carissa, sangria counts! And that reminds me to make some soon before summer is up. Welcome back.

    Get Skinny, whyyyy thank you! (The gingersnaps might cancel it out though...)

    Shen, I am not known to scimp when it comes to drinks. Wait, so did you basically eat drunken berries or did you make a berry flavored vodka?

    Michelle, I wonder if the goats would eat a Vega bar. Probably.

    Jessica, I'm usually a beer girl too but infusing makes me feel crafty!


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