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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Salsa Dancing

My computer (I almost wrote cucumber) has been working against me all day. I tried to type up some poetry and it kicked me off about 7 times before I got really angry and gave up. And just now, I tried to watch Ed Wood and the DVD won't play. My second favorite thing to do after wasting time on the computer, eat, was also letting me down today because of the heat. Here's what I managed to scarf:

Breakfast was a fruit salad (banana, nectarine, blueberries) topped with a bit of lemon juice and coconut flakes. Iced coffee with rice milk.
I went for a grocery run early and when I got back I snacked on a mini Raw Revolution bar.
Lunch was collard wraps with hummus, carrot, cucumber, tomato, baby spinach, and raw corn.

Some chips and salsa were consumed also. G and I are apparently trying to sample every type of salsa they sell at Trader Joe's. Today's picks were peach salsa and a tomatillo and roasted yellow chili salsa. The peach is a little too sweet for me, but the other one is pretty good.
And finally, after many liters of water, a nap, some cleaning, and sewing (I finished a dress!) I was hungry/bored enough to eat dinner:

Salad (romaine, baby spinach, carrot, red cabbage, raw corn, cucumber, white beans) topped with the peach salsa mixed with YET ANOTHER super spicy salsa we had in the fridge. The sweetness of the corn and lettuce cut the heat nicely and everything was a nice, cooling crunch.
So. That's all. I've been trying to eat high raw these last few days, and I feel pretty good about it. No headaches! I didn't even drink for a while, but I might tonight.

Do you guys have a favorite salsa brand? Or do you usually make your own? I think I've tried to make my own once but nothing like instant gratification...and that satisfying pop opening a jar, haha. Plus there are SO MANY FLAVORS.


  1. That fruit salad looks gorgeous! I was planning on a fruit salad for breakfast tomorrow and that totally reinforced my decision ;) Your veggies looks great as always and that is AWESOME that you sewed a dress! I'm so jealous that is always something I wanted to do (especially because dress shopping is a giant pain in the ass for me). Good for you, I want to see it!!

  2. That's so cool you can sew! I've never had the knack nor the patience for it!

    Your high raw foods look fresh and colorful as always...I can imagine how good it must feel to eat so much fresh and light food. I eat lots of salads and fruits, but also a good bit of cooked stuff usually too.

    I'm not sure I'd be into the sweeter salsas either, but the tomatillo and roasted pepper one sounds interesting. I don't do a lot of salsa dancing...I'm hooked on Emerald Valley salsa, I usually don't even bother making my own...I'm with you on the instant gratification thing.

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  4. I love just about any kind of salsa, but we also make our own. We have a few recipes that are really good & spicy.

    I had a collard wrap yesterday. Yum!

  5. I really dislike that peach salsa at TJ's. It's super sweet and strange to me. Maybe it would work with like...cinnamon sugar pita chips. You are such a healthy eater!
    I prefer salsa verde, made with tomatillos, jalepenions, cilantro, salt etc. I'm super picky about salsa because I adore it. I make it at home usually, with ancho chilis, chipotles, tomatoes, garlic, onion, lime, and jalepeno...all food processed but not so much that it's totally smooth.

  6. I usually buy whatever type of organic salsa is on sale at my co-op. I am really not picky (except I HATE fruit salsas) - but my boyfriend is pretty particular when it comes to his salsa. He's a Pace man all the way, but I'm always trying to get him to fall in love with a healthier organic brand. :) So I'm on my way to trying pretty much every kind out there, haha.

  7. That collard wrap looks so good!!

  8. I've been noticing your raw-ness and you're making me hungry for fresh veggies. Your collard wrap looks great.

    I'll have to try the yellow chili TJ's salsa. They have so many, you're right, but I haven't found one I like. I'll have the see if I can get Rose's brand. My favorite is Green Mountain Gringo, but if it's not on sale I'll usually buy something else, whatever is on sale, (and regret it).

  9. That nectarine bowl looks eerily familiar...have I seen that pic before?

  10. VAVA, this dress is nothing like the ones you can buy, haha.

    Rose, we will check that salsa out, thanks!

    Molly, I like ones with a good amount of spice but I do like to still be able to taste the tomatoes.

    Lacey, yeah, I like a chunkier salsa too. I'll have to try a verde one - I've always wanted to.

    Jess, I did once have a mango salsa that was pretty good but yeah, most store bought ones are way too sweet.

    Lauren, thanks - I think I'm finally getting the hang of wrapping them tightly enough.

    Jessica - I like that Green Mountain one as well but it's kind of pricey. I guess that's why people make em.

    Shen, no! This one has no oats! This is the problem with me eating the same thing all the time, every photo looks the same. Maybe I need to buy more flatware.

  11. i love salso too. honestly i like the walmart brand with corn and beans in it. i think its called "the southwestern flavor" but i think it has sugar in it.(which i try* to avoid)id love to see your dress! i love how many different interestw you have Maud.

    dirty duck


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