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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raw Fun

I didn't mean to give you guys the wrong impression yesterday: I'm not bored with the raw eats; I'm actually loving it. Raw food is hardly boring but I'm a pretty predictable and quotidian eater, so I feel like it gets boring to read the same post over and over and, honestly, it can get annoying to try and figure out an exciting angle to photograph a salad I've already eaten three days in a row.
After cooking for my mom yesterday, I was on a roll so I actually busted out one new and one old raw un-cookbook to make a few new recipes.
From Mimi Kirk's book I made parsley salad, which is...a bunch of parsley. It has a really simple olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper dressing, and I threw some thinly sliced red pepper on top.

It was okay - I blame the tough, grocery store parsley more than anything else and I'd like to see how it is with curly parsley. But I enjoyed eating it if only because of its crazy intense kidney detox abilities. More than just a garnish!
I added some cucumber slices to the salad as well that I swiped off my massive crudite plate. The rest of the vegetables I ate with Jennifer Cornbleet's raw zucchini hummus!

This is super simple peeled, chopped zucchini blended up with tahini and spices. It was a little sloppy yesterday, due to more water content than chickpea hummus, but I had it again today and it firmed up. And it's damn good!
Today's breakfast was soaked overnight oats (including steel cut oats since I'm out of rolled now) and chia seeds, topped with strawberries and banana.

Iced genmaicha tea and...stamps as well.
I snacked on an apple, had a pretty basic salad for lunch, and got an All Greens with Lemon and Ginger fresh juice from Liquiteria for a pick-me-up.
When I got home, I exercised for a bit, showered, and made another huge veg plate to eat with the zucchini hummus and a guacamole-esque salad: mixed greens topped with half an avocado, cherry tomatoes, chopped scallion, cucumber, lemon juice, sea salt, and cayenne pepper. It was good, obviously.

I'm pretty full but I'm sort of trying to come up with a good raw dessert. I ate all the dates.
Lacey mentioned one great raw website yesterday, but I also love and refer to constantly Gena's Choosing Raw and Kristen's Raw. Anyone know of any other good ones?
The other fun thing about raw food is the good mood it puts me in. I'm even okay with my skin breaking out and the cough I have because it's probably either from food detox or from exercising more and sweating it out. EVERYTHING IS GREAT. Hope you all are well as well.


  1. oooh looks yummy. How do you like the zucchini hummus? I am planning on making it, I just need to get some tahini. Does it taste anything like chickpea hummus?

  2. Raw zucchini hummus sounds intriguing, and if you say it's good, I trust you...I'm going to go for it. You are an inspiration on raw, healthy veggie munching! You're one healthy little foodie!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Are chia seeds what I think they are? And, if so, are they sprouting out of your butt?

  5. wow....delicious snack,fruite snack haha, i cant wait to have try them

  6. How long have you been mostly raw now? I intended to be raw all summer and I've been seriously failing at that! I hope I didn't offend by saying raw food didn't have to be boring. I get stuck in food ruts all the time and lose inspiration...i hate it when that happens. I wish I could stick to eating as healthy as you do!

  7. I've been meaning to eat more raw foods lately, what with the oppressive heat making cooking so much less appealing and all, so this post is very inspiring! :)

  8. big eating and big sleep, wanna add my weight...

  9. VAVA, I like it a lot! I wouldn't say it tastes exactly the same and the texture is different, but it's still good and I think if you play with the spices and add-ins, it could pass.

    Do it, Rose, do it!

    Wak, ch-ch-ch-chia seeds are exactly what you think they are.

    Thanks, Molly. I tried today!

    Lacey, I'm trying to think, but it hasn't been a long time. A week and a half, maybe? I could scroll back through my posts but I'm too lazy haha. No offense taken; I'm the first to admit I eat the saaaammeee thinnnngggg over and over.

    Hannah, I'm looking forward to my lower gas bill!

    Gucci and Prada, keep it up.

  10. Yay! I keep meaning to comment on your recent raw food adventure posts! Keep it up, and feel free to bug me if you need any weird recipe ideas! :)


  11. How many more toxins could be in you? You eat healthier than anyone I've ever seen (except VaVa). You must be completely detoxed by now.

  12. Sarahfae, I love your blog. I will definitely keep up with the recipes! Thanks.

    Shen, I HAVE TOXINS you don't even knowwww


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