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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Raw for Two, day 2

I FORGOT TO BUY SPINACH YESTERDAY! Sorry, G. Hence, no smoothie, two bowls for breakfast:

Round one, soaked oat groats with chia topped with banana, walnut, and coconut flakes. Round two, fruit salad (apple, nectarine, mango, banana, kiwi) with mint, lemon juice, and walnuts.
Lunch was a weird salad that I actually made yesterday and passed up in favor of Quintessence. Thank goodness. No greens, so: chopped radish, carrot, beet, a little leftover spinach, cabbage topped with kimchi.

I snacked on an Amazing Grass bar and some grapes later in the day. Also a raw barberry-nut cluster that G bought as part of his lunch. The poor guy was on his own today.
As we walked home from work, he says, "Would you be mad at me if I put tofu in my salad?" I can totally forgive that. He was a trooper. And he's playing a show tonight, so he needs his energy, I guess. I had salad for dinner too, with sweet potato shred on top.
Dessert was a treat I bought at Whole Foods, Lemon-Ginger raw macaroons from emmy's organic.

Luckily I'm leaving for G's show soon so I won't be home to eat the rest of them. It was delicious. Maybe a little melty from the heat but the taste didn't suffer at all - and lemon-ginger is one of my favorite flavor combinations. And since G isn't doing raw anymore he can eat whatever and I'll keep these for myself, right? So, we'll see how tomorrow goes; G and I are helping his parents move his father's store and I'm not sure what sustenance we'll need but I think I'm mostly going to depend on gallons and gallons of water.
How are you staying cool tonight? And don't say beer because I'm still on the wagon!


  1. Emmy's organics has really taken off! I remember when they had just opened their Etsy shop (they joined Vegan Etsy at the time). I still haven't tried their macaroons. Must include them on my next Vegan Essentials order!

    G certainly was a trooper. We've talked about trying raw a few times, but so far, it's only been talk.

    We stayed cool tonight by watching a movie. :) I hope the show goes well!

  2. Those macaroons look delicious!!! I've seen them before but have always passed them up but I may just have to splurge next time. Do the oat groats soften when they soak? Ani Phyo has a buckwheat krispies recipe where she soaks then dehydrates buckwheat to make a rice krispies type cereal and I wanted to try it with oat groats? Do they soak up a lot of liquid? I'm totally jealous of your raw food willpower!

  3. I definitely picked up some of those Macaroons from WHole Foods today! I got the Chai Spice flavor and I'll post when I try them!

  4. I'm amazed by those raw macaroons! Who would have thunk? :) The hubby insists that Indians stay cool by eating spicy food... and sweating from the food will cool us off. I'm skeptical, but it's worth a try!

  5. Watermelon, cucumber slices, lemonade, and ice cream are my essentially for a bearable summer! It's so hot, I just can't really think about consuming much else.

  6. Wow, I have missed a lot. You know, I'd be happy to try eating raw, too, if you'd prep all my food. Seems like a lot of work - but it does look so good, especially this time of year.

    I really love having a tofu-loving partner. I hope you do, too, it seems pretty rare and special in my book.

  7. I'd have told G that there was no way I was gonna help move a store if he put tofu in his salad. Gotta keep your man under control or who knows what they'll put in their salad next.

  8. Molly, good for Emmy's! I love a good upstart vegan company. Plus they're kind of local for NYC so I like that too. Definitely recommended!

    VAVA, the chai flavor is probably my other favorite. I hope you liked em! Oat groats soften quite a bit but they still have a crunch. They don't soak up too much liquid so I'd use less water than if using rolled oats. I like them, though! Let me know if the sub for buckwheat works.

    Jesse, yeah, I had friend who swore by drinking hot tea in the summer to cool off but I wasn't going to attempt that one. Indian food sounds like a much tastier path.

    Hannah, water melon and ice cream are on my list.

    Jessica, I'll start mailing you salads through the mail. I'd like to say I don't discriminate on people's eating habits but G's food choices are a lovely extra. And who wouldn't want their partner to be healthy as possible?

    Shen, as long as he doesn't mess with my salads!

  9. G made it MUCH further than my boyfriend would have. Paul eats meat, so I'm lucky to get him to eat cooked vegan food for one meal! Those macaroons look delicious!

  10. SOOOO apparently buckwheat isn't actually wheat. Who woulda thought ;) Looks like I'll be experimenting with buckwheat in the future!


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