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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Lunch that Almost Wasn't

First off, the Sabra coupon winners are Bianca and Lacey - Bianca swooped in at the last minute and pulled out a guerrilla win! Congratulations, ladies. Email me with your addresses.

Breakfast was 3 dates with raw almond butter that I couldn't help but eat while preparing real breakfast for G and I; a smoothie! I liked this one:

Spinach, 1 1/2 frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries and a packet of Vega vanilla powder.
I'm sure you're all dying to know how I made a meal out of carrots and tomatoes. I actually was apparently holding out on you - I forgot I had some peas in the freezer. I also had exactly 1/2 cup red quinoa left in the pantry and an open box of vegetable broth in the fridge. So I sauteed a little bit of onion in a pot, added the quinoa and broth and cooked it. When it was done I tossed it with the peas, chopped carrot and tomato. I'm not happy unless I get my greens, so this morning I sneaked a little bit of the spinach reserved for the smoothie and mixed everything together. Topped with cumin and cayenne pepper, it was a darned fine lunch.

Though I do have to say I'm stoked to have a fridge filled with vegetables again. For at least three more days, until we ravage through it all.
Dinner with the produce was a riff on one of Sarah Kramer's calendar recipes:

Grated sweet potato, carrot, and apple. I threw the shred on top of some arugula mix and added the last of the creamy herb dressing and some more raw sunflower seeds. Really tasty.


  1. Nice tomato and carrot usage! :) Everything looks fresh, yummy and colorful as usual! I need to start eating more raw.

  2. looks very delicious snack, hoping cook the snack like as yours someday

  3. Your salads always look delicious.

  4. Aw, now I'm wishing I snatched up one of those calenders earlier in the year. Here I'm stuck with boring flowers for another 5 months.

  5. Just this morning I was wondering what you ended up making with the tomatoes and carrots...looks good! The shredded sweet potato-carrot-apple mix is a great idea too...I bet the sweetness and crunch goes great with arugula.

  6. I confess -- I looked at the Gucci Outlet Bags. However, I refuse to look at the Prada Bags. No way no how.

  7. VAVA, thanks. Are the protein shakes you usually make used with raw vegan protein powder, or what do you use?

    VB, thanks. I try, since everyone has to look at the same thing every day.

    Hannah, are they sold out? Honestly, I am not digging the calendar's recipes save one or two months'. Flowers are nice but next year I would go the route of a cat calendar!!

    Rose, yeah, the bite of arugula is always great - especially since I don't usually like super sweet vegetables.

    Shen, seriously. I never trust anyone with grammar that bad.

  8. I use a combo of Gemma pea protein isolate ( and Brown rice protein isolate ( I'm running out of both though so I'm going to look into raw protein powders.


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