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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Double Up to Bulk It Up

Yesterday and today were both pretty boring foodwise and everything elsewise. Breakfast was pretty, though:

Soaked oat groats with chia, goji berries, and banana. Not sure why I grabbed the goji berries, since I don't love them, unless I really just felt like spending money.
Lunch was salad, big surprise:

Furry with nooch.
Dinner was alot of different things; I only managed to snap a picture of this random bowl of tofu and zucchini with salsa.

Breakfast was the same again this morning, with added coconut and powdered ginger. I liked it better than yesterday.

This was the last of my oats so I don't know what I'm going to do for breakfast tomorrow! Horrors!
I didn't make lunch for some reason, but I grabbed a macro sushi and ate in the park before stopping at the thrift store for some new bowls. Expect wild and crazy food photos in the future.
And dinner, more delicious than I remember: collard wraps!

I was too lazy to even chop more vegetables, so I just emptied the last of our salad onto two leaves. Baby Wrap was stuffed with salad and hummus; Mama Wrap with salad and pea dip.
It's hard to use these leafy greens up raw before they go bad - and I have both chard and collards to deal with. I might just suck it up and cook some of them. Anyone have any favorite ways to use either?
Dessert was some mango and a handful (or two) of a cashew/raisin/goji berry mix.


  1. SO many delicious meals in one post!! How about a smoothie for breakfast?! I like that you called your salad furry ;) Yummy looking collard wraps!! I just ordered 2 more raw cookbooks, I'm hoping they are delivered before my flight tomorrow!

  2. piggy would be appled if she heard you RAN OUT OF OATS!! this DOES NOT happen in our household! lol i spread them around for her on the floor:) keeps that nozzle occupied!

    ive been agonizing over what shoes to wear with that dress you made and finally came up with either really simple flip flops or peds/other cute little sneaker type shoe. i would lay in bed thinking about it.....i especially liked the band that you put in, it makes it way more "finished" than if you just sewed the two pieces together.

    michelle at dirty duck

  3. mmmm...your breakfast looks good. I haven't had soaked/overnight oats in a while. I also need to buy more oats though. I'm still hung up on smoothies for breakfast. :o)
    Those wraps look so good...another thing that I haven't had in a while.

  4. The oats groats does look pretty...sort of like confetti. Furry with nooch!!! I like the sound of that.

    Your wraps look so fresh and per usual.

    I saw DJ Spinz post about some collard dolmas...they'd be right up your alley.

  5. I love a thick layer of nooch on my salads too! So hungry now :)

  6. Throwing leftover salad in a wrap is a great idea! You eat so healthy and colorful. I love it. :)


  8. You only like goji berries when you feel like spending money ... too funny. Although I somehow bought $10 worth of cherries today, ugh.

    Your mama and baby wraps look good, as always.

  9. VAVA, I def did a smoothie for breakfast the next day with the last of very few fruits and spinach. What raw cookbooks do you have?

    Michelle, haha don't worry - I bought more oats! Thanks for the words about my dress! I don't agonize much about what to wear it with since I have yet to wear the dress at all. Boo.

    Michelle2, you're back in action! A smoothie hang up is a great thing to have.

    Rose, thanks for the collard dolmas recipe! You are so right - I am totally making those soon!

    Tweal, I love your name. Nooch is bomb.

    Molly, thank you. I hate to throw vegetables out, haha.

    Shen, are you dissing the ones my dear darling sister oh so kindly bought me?? She would not appreciate that.

    Jessica, cherries are so expensive! But totally worth it.

  10. All of my raw cookbooks are by Ani Phyo. I have Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, the dessert cookbook and Ani's Raw Food Essentials. I'll probably branch out to other authors soon and I have a bunch of great websites bookmarked.


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