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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catching Converts

Hey guys. Today was pretty hectic but I managed some good eats.

Overnight soaked oat groats and chia seeds with banana and strawberries.
I went to the food pantry and passed out summer squash, japanese salad turnips, and some vegetable I actually didn't know! The carton said "Bok" and it looked sort of like bok choy, but there was no huge bulb at the bottom and the stems were much thinner. Does anyone know what that is? Some sort of varietal?
I snacked on an Amazing Grass berry bar around 12:30 and ate lunch, while working, at around 2:30.

I don't know if you can tell, but that tupperware container is huge. I think it holds 3 cups worth of stuff and I packed that sucker to the brim with chopped spinach, broccoli, carrot, radish, bell pepper, and raw sunflower seeds. I could only eat about half of the container. I did snack on a nectarine around 5:30.
After work, there was a union meeting (UAW Local 2179!) so when I got home I was pretty hungry. I just ate the lunch salad leftovers, with added avocado, a farmer's market tomato (really the only edible kind of tomato), and some chopped jalapeno and scallions.
Then I died from heatstroke and here I write from heaven. There are raw carrot falafel and chopped kale salads floating about for the taking, as well as raw brownie bites. It's great.
Another thing that's great? I convinced G to go raw with me for two days to see how he feels! Tomorrow I'll make him breakfast and dinner and he'll take care of his lunch. Hopefully I can come up with a dinner hearty enough for his tastes.


  1. Hey, you're union! Mike belongs to a union, too. :)

    I hope that G likes his few days of raw!


    Are the amazing grass bars good? I'm wary of them for some reason.

    Your salad looks like mine. I always make it huge-3 cups is a lot to me-then I can never finish it. I always see other food bloggers who do 5 cups of greens + all their toppings and extra veggies as their lunch salad. I'd get sick!!

  3. OMG! Posting from heaven! Glad to know you can get good Wifi up there.

  4. Thanks. I totally want Broccoli now. ;)

  5. Ooooh looks yummy and refreshing!

  6. Mr. Wang thinks he is clever, but he always does foolish things.

    One day he sees a beautiful bell at the top of a door. “Oh! How nice! I will take it home.” He thinks, “What can I do?” After a while he has a “good” idea. “Aha! I have an idea now. I can plug my ears. Then I will not hear the ring when I take off the bell.”

    Then he does so. But as soon as he takes off the bell, the owner opens the door. “What ate you doing?” the owner says angrily.

  7. Molly, we like to keep America working ;)

    Lacey, what are you doing commenting online?? GO EAT SOME HUMMUS! (I love Amazing Grass bars. They're really dense and chewy and have a..well..a grassy taste but it's really more that they're just not super sweet like a lot of other bars.)

    Shen, if there weren't good wifi, it'd be hell!

    Sarahfae, there definitely was a lot of broccoli in there, ahah. The first round was almost all broccoli. But I love it.

    VAVA, thanks.

    Gucci, are you trying to dissuade me from eating raw? Or from dismantling my door buzzer?


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