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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And So On

Well, I started with a nice, light dinner:

The rest of the bok choy from the other day, steamed, with soy sauce and ginger and I scooped some of the rice out of the stir fry onto a nori sheet to make a rice wrap. It was fine.
Then I went back to the kitchen and nibbled a little more of the leftover stir fry...and nibbled a little more, until it was pointless to save any of it and then I just ate it all. Completely unnecessary.
And to top that off, I ate two more pieces of the berry brownies because I'm an idiot. No pictures of the rest of it because that's just embarrassing. I put the brownies in the freezer so I wouldn't eat anymore. Blugh.


  1. I always put food in the freezer so I don't eat it and then I pull it out frozen anyway and do stupid human tricks to try to eat it more quickly :)

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  3. I was an idiot for brownies too last night and the night before. I like your nori wrap.

  4. Get Skinny, what kind of human tricks? I usually end up eating the damn thing half frozen!

    Aimee, they are addictive. (Brownies more than the nori wraps.)

  5. That plate actually looks really delicious! I never thought of just wrapping rice in Nori! Looks great!!

  6. Neat idea wrapping just the rice in the Nori. Kinda like a Cherry Cordial without the Cherry.


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