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Sunday, July 3, 2011

American as Stir-Fry

Because this country was built on the back of immigrants and continues to exist on the tradition of bastardizing cultural foods.
I have no idea how to make a stir fry. I don't have a wok. I had to ask G how to cook brown rice. But G wanted a stir fry, and here it is. I think it came out pretty well.

The brown rice was started separately first. For the stir fry itself, I started with garlic, ginger, and onion, moved on to broccoli, carrot, and red cabbage, followed by cubed tofu and finally baby bok choy. Seasoned with soy sauce and topped with red pepper flakes and sesame seeds. Now I'm stuffed, and that's the American way.
Have a good July 4th eve. I will leave you with this awesome photo of Redman shopping for fireworks in Pennsylvania (legal!) that graced the cover of the New York Times today. Ha!


  1. Mm, looks so colorful and fresh! I love all those veggies you've got going on here. :)

  2. It looks gorgeous! A major success for your first stir-fry I'd say!! Beautiful colors, everything looks fresh and tasty. Have a happy 4th!

  3. Thanks, Hannah. I think the red cabbage was a good addition - colorwise and flavorwise.

    VAVA, thanks! You're the stir fry pro.

  4. I'm sure after a long day of ringing those bells to warn the British, Paul Revere tucked into a big plate of stir-fry!

  5. Shen, yah, I think there's a lot our grade-school teachers leave out for fear of blowing our 10 year old minds.

    Get Skinny, thanks! I liked it! It was dry-fried on the side and mixed in at the end.

  6. ha, redman is really stocking up. the stir fry looks awesome. i love all the different colors and big chunks of tofu.


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