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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Work Chores and Treats

Hey guys, things have been pretty crazy at work these last three days. Basically myself and two other co-workers had to cram about a month's work into three days OR ELSE. I honestly have barely had time to eat lunch, let alone take photos of my food. Due to the hectic days and not eating regularly, I'm pretty tired when I get home so I also apologize for slacking on the commenting, etc. BUT it is all over (hopefully) minus the psychological stress which I plan to run out tomorrow. I say all this not to complain but to lead in to a bit of discussion.
But first, to rustle up some random photos:
Thursday morning was raw overnight-soaked steel cut oats with banana, coconut flakes, and pumpkin seeds.

I'm glad I had this hearty breakfast because soon after this all the madness happened. G and I even went out to dinner that night (which we so rarely do) because I was too tired to even think about making anything. We went to a nearby Middle Eastern place and I got a plate of foul (fava beans with chopped tomato and parsley) and pita. It was sort of forgettable.
Friday morning I made a spinach/kale smoothie with banana, frozen mango, coconut, ginger, and lemon.

Lunch was more kale salad, minus the avocado and tomato but with some zucchini. Feeling like I needed a little more food than that, as well as a morale pick-me-up, I stopped at Liquiteria for a fresh "All Greens" juice with apple (romaine, kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, and apple).

It certainly brightened the rest of the day and I only almost-cried once. They probably would have been tears of kale anyway, which sounds painful.
Dinner was more green!

Broccoli and edamame, boiled, over spinach with chopped ginger and garlic, and soy sauce. And after all that healthy green, I baked. It was cool enough out to turn on the oven and I really wanted to have something to thank my co-workers for helping me out. I made the coffee cake recipe from Vegan Brunch, meted out into individual muffin tins. I included chopped cranberries in the batter and coconut in the crumb topping.

These are unadorned, but I topped the ones I gave away with confectioners sugar and wrapped up two together.
So. After all that, what I wanted to talk about is the role of food these last stressful days. I used baked goods to thank my co-workers and "treated" myself to the expensive green juice. Granted, the juice was a healthy treat but I didn't nneeeeeed it. And couldn't I have expressed my thanks in a different way? (Well, not ME per se, since I'm incapable of showing emotion). Do you guys tend to treat yourself with foods? Or other things? After a lot of hard work, do you feel like you deserve something special, or is it just part of life? And how would you thank people who have helped you? Why is it that some people always end up turning to food?
I'm just working some things out in my head...Now that my brain can be used for thinking and not just focusing on one work order. Hope you guys are relaxing and having a good weekend. Green juices all around! Spike it with something good.


  1. So much green! So good!

    Sending love. I hope your stress goes away soon!


  2. Boo for stress but yay for oats and crumb cake! Both looked lovely along with all of your greenery :)

  3. Everything looks always!!! Hope this week is more relaxing...

  4. Thanks for the sympathy party, guys, haha. I should be good this week! Maybe I'll get a green juice without an excuse.

  5. That you made all these good, healthy things while being so crazed is awesome! I love, love, love your breakfast idea. I really need to vary my breakfasts, and this looks easy and good.

  6. Love Liqueteria!! Loved watching the gal juice all those greens. We have the same type of Juicer but I am WAY more messy! NY is by far the BEST vegan place in the states! California is great too, but WAY too spread out & seriously, Nyorkers just seem a little more "grounded".


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