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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Very Wheaty Lunch and Snack

You gluten-frees might want to avert yr eyes.
Lunch was tabouli over greens. I used the recipe from The Candle Cafe Cookbook, mostly because I am beginning to feel really guilty about never using the majority of my cookbooks. It was tasty though I might have liked a version with cucumber in it.

I think I've actually only made tabouli once before and then, I used quinoa. I had no idea you don't even need to cook the bulgur wheat! You just pour boiling water on top of it and let it sit.
Afterwards I had a bowl (okay, two) of plain soy yogurt with Bonne Maman Four Fruits preserves and some raw wheat germ on top.

I love, love Bonne Maman jams but they are pretty expensive. On a walk yesterday I happened upon a health food store where all flavors were on sale for 2.99! So of course I bought some. Exercise does pay off! The raw wheat germ was given to me by my mama a while back. I think it was a remnant from when my sister was living with them over winter break.
Speaking of, I stopped by my parents' house this afternoon to see my sister and say goodbye for a while - that globe trekkin chica is on her way to Argentina for a month, lucky girl. AND while I was there, my mother had left a "half birthday" present for me that my sister had picked out: a dehydrator! Gah! So I have a question for some of you more raw experienced folks: can I leave it running while I'm asleep or not home, or is that not safe? What if I have an inquisitive cat?
Also, one more thing. I mentioned my growing, guilty collection of cookbooks and a sweet gift from my family. I'll probably be doing one or two cookbook giveaways in the near future but I haven't decided yet on which ones. I'll keep you posted.
Any cookbooks in particular you're lusting after?


  1. <-----Jealous. ALthough the tabouli made with quinoa sounds delicious too!

    I want every cookbook. I go through and put post its on the pages I want to make so I can find them easily (I write the name on the post it too) and I also neglect them all too much. I really want at least one more gluten free vegan cookbook to add to my arsenal to help me add a little variety.

  2. So Mama was a Bonne Maman?! Hey, maybe instead of giving away cookbooks, you should hock em and save up for an air conditioner? Maybe?

  3. I love Bonne Maman jams too; they're so good, and the empty jars make cute drinking glasses, which is a bonus. Congrats on the new dehydrator!

  4. VAVA, yeah, I've actually made raw tabouli before too using chopped broccoli instead of any grain! I wonder if I have any gf cookbooks around...

    Shen, ha! Oui oui, she was. And if I got an air conditioner, I wouldn't have an excuse for drinking all the cold beer, duhhh.

    Rose, you're right! I love the red and white checks too.

  5. Okay. I am getting roped in to this little fun game. Why isn't it on Facebook? Now I am blog trolling...

  6. I totally just re-read that and realized that you didn't mean any cookbooks in general. Lol i'm totally not that greedy, I just love cookbooks :)

  7. I am totally bad about not actually using my cookbooks. Often I just use the old whole foods app or stick with what I know. Glad you found something good trying a new recipe from yours.


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