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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scapes and Taters

Yello! Or as Ghostface Killah says, YO YOW.
Breakfast: Twinings Chai French Vanilla iced tea, a banana, and 3 dried figs. (The tea is only recommended cold. Hot it tasted too artificial.)
Snack: Cherry Pie Larabar
Lunch: Salad with salsa (it only makes sense to combine the two since I always type "salsa" when I mean to write "salad.")

Snack #2: apple and a fresh-pressed green juice (spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon, ginger)
Dinner: steamed spinach, boiled turnips and sweet potato, crudites with Urban Vegan's garlic scape bean dip.

The garlic scapes I snatched up at Whole Foods because they were 4.99/lb because, as Dynise mentions, they usually run about $6-7/lb at the farmers' markets. I felt a little guilty about buying them there, but they were marked as locally grown. To make up for that, I used basil that we're now growing on the fire escape as the herb in the dip!
To be honest, I wasn't totally thrilled with the dip, though I had high hopes. The garlic scapes are still pretty intense in garlicky flavor. Don't get me wrong - I love garlic - but I wasn't expecting the taste. Maybe I also didn't blend the dip too well? Anyway, I might add lemon juice or nutritional yeast to the rest of the batch, or roast them a little if there's a next time. Lindsay and Lacey also gave me ideas to use the rest of the garlic scapes in a pesto, which sounds pretty great.
Have you guys tried cooking with these? Any other recommendations?
And in case you think me too fancy what with all these garlic scapes and crudites, let it be known I ate almost an entire box of crackers for dinner yesterday. There, I said it. It happens.


  1. Another day of super fresh, colorful food! I love the plate your dinner is on. I'm a total dish whore :) Beautiful summer eats!

  2. Oh, I like the bowl your veggies are in. And the 312. After all that, though, I think I would need some crackers too.

    I have not cooked with garlic scapes. I do listen to The Splendid Table radio show and the host seems to love them.

  3. VAVA, thanks! I got a set of those plates when I was probably 17 or 18 and my mom was like, "you'll move out one day." Haha, I'm not sure how to take that.

    Jessica, thanks! Man, everyone's loving my sweet ass dishes! My sister gave me that bowl; I really like it too. I was on the fence about the 312 but it ain't bad. I like most Goose Island beers. Have you tried their Summertime one?

    Shen, I know, right? I feel like it's missing half of the word or something.


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