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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oats and Lentils and Figs, Oh My!

Breakfast was a handful of pumpkin seeds and these soaked overnight steel cut oats and chia, topped with blueberries and banana.

I had a snack of grapes and then lunch, salad with lentils mixed in for protein, iron, fiber, and other wonders of the world.

Not to be confused with the lentil salad with chard I made yesterday, which was dinner.

For dessert I made these Sweet Lemon Fig Poppyseed Bars by VeganLisa, which would be a mouthful to say if my mouth weren't already so full of SLFP bars.

They were delicious. I've been wanting to make a Larabarish thing for a long time and these are sort of similar, only with a bit more heft because they contain oats as well as dates. I am a big fan of figs, not least because of the crackling fun of the seeds on your teeth and the addition of poppyseeds makes the texture even better. I love the flavor of lemon in these bars, too. It's a perfect summery light taste.

Any desserts you've been favoring lately?


  1. OMG I'm jealous of everything in this post! How are you liking those overnight oats? And those bars look AMAZING!! I definitely will be making those soon!

  2. any favs you ask? well ive been making cookie dough oats a lot:) i put quick oats in a food processer which makes the oats feel more like white flour, and then add almond milk and carob chips,vanilla,stevia and a sprinkle of salt. im eating it right now!i love figs too, they are so good!

    dirty duck (michelle)

  3. *processor

    dirty duck (michelle)

  4. Yum. I never thought of putting oats and lentils together!

  5. Your attempt at cleaning eating was certaining achieved.

  6. VAVA, let me know what you think of the bars. The oats are okay. Steel cut oats don't really soften up as much as rolled oats, which I had this morning and enjoy more. But the blueberry/banana topping is killin it!

    Michelle, I am definitely going to make those! They sound reeeeally good.

    Aimee, I didn't eat the oatmeal with the lentils but that would probably be a good base for veggie burgers, no?

    Shen, clean, also maybe?

  7. i want that salad! lentils and chard, mmm.

    i'm going to attempt to veganize these bars today...maybe not intended as a dessert, but they will be for me!

  8. Sara, thanks! I always need desserts and new blogs to look at.

    Shen, friends don't let friends drink and comment.


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