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Friday, June 24, 2011

Non-Greg Salad

Among his family (and perhaps beyond), G is known for his salads (oh, comics too, I guess.) The "Greg Salad" is always anticipated whether we host his family or visit them. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's one of the first dishes he and I made together. Before we lived together, I would make a salad for the week and usually change it up according to what I had or wanted but these days we typically make the same salad each time, a la his "stylo": Organic Girl 50/50, red pepper, broccoli, tomatoes, shredded beets and carrots, and cucumber. 80% of the time I eat a salad for lunch, it's the Greg Salad, maybe with a few extras thrown in. I'll give credit where credit is due. I've gotten numerous compliments on how healthy and colorful the salad looks. I think the beets have a lot to do with that (which is definitely his handiwork: I'm sort of afraid of my box grater.)
But G's not here tonight and there's no salad already made but I wanted a salad, so I made a big one for dinner and tomorrow's lunch and put in WHATEVER I WANTED. Ah, freedom.

This is romaine, broccoli, tomato, sundried tomato, avocado, cucumber, chopped beet, white beans, and red onion (cuz he's not here to deal with my onion breath). Topped with sundried tomato hummus, a little balsamic vinegar, and black pepper. I think it was especially tasty because I ate it out of G's bowl. Actually, that is key because a bigger bowl gives room for optimal stirring and mixage. Anyway, dining alone is no big - I just wish he were here to toss the salad for me.
So, as you can see, I get totally wild when I have the house to myself for the night. Now to burp a lot and dance around like a crazy monkey.
Do you all indulge in anything in particular when there's no one to call you out on it? Maybe you pull out fewer stops and just snack on whatever is around? Or do you usually eat alone anyway?

P.S. Greg, I ate the last of the coffee poppyseed cake for dessert. Told you I'm a bad ass.


  1. Thank you share with us your experience, I like the post, because it has taught me a lot. Thank you to let me continuous learning everyday.

  2. I completely understand — I went a little salad crazy recently, too, and ended up with a salad for four people. Then I ate the whole thing. Yours looks yummy!

  3. Your salads always look good, Greg's or otherwise. I agree that beets really add to the look of a salad, and I really like the idea of mixing in the hummus to coat the salad.

    When I'm home alone, I try to take advantage the situation to make things my taller half doesn't like...artichokes, stuff with cinnamon in it...can you believe he doesn't like cinnamon? what a weirdo.

  4. Oh, and thanks for the link to the shoes on your last post! Those are super cute! Wedges are my favorite type of shoe.

  5. When I'm home alone, I shop on the internet for Gucci knock offs.

    So Greg tosses your salad? I can see why you miss him so much;-)

  6. Why thank you, Gucci! Continuous learning to you too.

    Andrea, I can't believe I ate (almost) the whole thing!

    Rose, cinnamon should go in everything! Artichokes are great too! Total weirdo. P.S. I love the cut out in the wedge heel.

    Shen, I COULD have gone there but didn't. Glad you did, though.

  7. Greg is artistic, eh?

    Maybe I'm more likely to have an extra snack when Ryan isn't here. He's the last person to be judgmental; I just feel embarrassed in front of him, like "I know I need to lose weight and shouldn't be eating this..." I rarely eat late, but the other night when I had SEVERAL pieces of bread pizza before moving onto pie and icecream, I said to him, "I'm sorry you had to see that..."

    May you enjoy all of your dancing and gas expulsion for as long as you can. Mental note to self: stop burping when Ryan is around.

  8. Jenny, Greg is really talented. He's helping me with my own comic! Perhaps I used a bad word choice - I'm a lot like you in that I'm my own worst critic. G would never really judge anything I eat. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your ice cream and pie!


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