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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Greens, Beans, and Beta-Carotene

I don't pretend to be a burrito maker extraordinaire nor to really understand the difference between a wrap and a burrito but I do know dinner was damn tasty.

This was loosely inspired by Amy's post. The top picture with kale and other creamy goodness (hers was avocado and refried pinto beans) was calling my name. I would have loved to put avocado in the wrap (burrito?) but didn't have any. Instead, I boiled a sweet potato, steamed broccoli and kale over it, whipped up a tahini sauce (!), and put whole navy beans into the wrap. Topped with cayenne and cumin.

Next time I will probably try to mash the beans a bit and heat them up with the spices but, seriously, this was so good as it was. Coulda had more kale, but I would say that even if I were eating my way out of a forest of kale.
Also, I resolve to always have tahini on hand. I am loving it with sweet potato lately.


  1. I still find myself amazed with the things that taste good together. I'm good with kale and sweet taters, good with kale and tahini ... but I don't know about this wrap. I'll have to take your word for it. Sure looks good!

  2. MMMMMMMMMMM, beans and greens. Looks great! I can't wait for my garden kale to be big enough to wrap into a corn tortilla with some beans and avocado!

  3. That looks seriously delicious. I think I could live on wraps all summer long, and not just because it means not heating up the kitchen by turning on the stove. Somehow as long as I'm using a kale/chard/collard leaf as my wrap, I feel like I can stuff if full of anything and it will be negative calories. :)

  4. I'm with the rest when I say that wrap looks so good, a perfect balance of green, orange, and beans...tahini and sweet potato does sound like a tasty combo.

  5. Sounds and looks very good! A tahini sauce sounds great. That's another thing that I haven't made yet. I need to go check out some recipes. :o)

  6. Yum. I need to get some tortillas...or make some! Thanks for the reminder! xo


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