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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do the Dip

The only thing worth a mention today was lunch: raw rainbow chard wraps with pea dip from the Edible Perspective! Ashley has the recipe up, along with some beautiful photos.

This was so delicious. I can't impress it enough on you, but next time (oh yes) I'll put more veg in the wrap - we are down to pretty much nothing in the fridge right now. Groceries tomorrow. The chard was picked up from the Farmer's Market for $3 a bunch because it was a bit wilted but I love, love, love the smoky flavor of chard and plan to buy more and more and more of it.
Not much else to say. I ate a lot of grapes today and everything else tasted oddly moldy.


  1. I'm jealous of your farmer's market lunch! Ours just opened up June 1 but I couldn't get to one this weekend so hopefully Tuesday!! Can't wait!

  2. ugh i have no groceries either. that first picture with the dif colors of chard, so pretty Maud.

    from, anon/michelle/dirty duck

  3. As I read your blog I think of how healthy and colorful your meals are! I'm trying to ween myself off of the fried/processed stuff right right now and this is encouraging.

    Were you ever a "junk food vegan?" Just curious.


  4. I was had an issue where everything tasted like urine. So finally my mother asked me how I knew what urine tasted like. I just knew.

  5. I am growing some rainbow chard now, still, it is only 3 cm high... Will have to wait. Never ate chard so big and raw, usually I eat it raw only when the leaves are much younger, I am curious now!


  6. VAVA, I'm spoiled in that the one I usually go to (Union Square) is open year-round and there are two others that are pretty good close by too!

    Michelle, thanks. I hoped the vibrancy would make up for their wilt.

    Jessica, honestly I never have been a junk food vegan. Most of that food never appealed to me as an omni so I don't seek out vegan versions. This is NOT to say that my relationship with food is completely healthy. I overeat a lot of times (finishing an entire bag of dried mango slices today) and stress and boredom-eat. For the most part, though, I take great pleasure from and crave healthier foods - and once you ween yourself off the fried and processed stuff you will too! Good luck!

    Shen, I love it. Hahaha. I uhh..hope your troubles have passed.

    Alessandra, how do you grow rainbow chard?? I always wondered - are they all different colors sown separately and then gathered together, or do they all sprout together randomly colored??

  7. Nice! I could get to Union Square but I don't have all that much time off to get into the city but the traveling Long Island Farmer's market is finally open so I'm gonna hit it up for the first time of the season on Sunday! Yay!


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