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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weird Lentil Dinner

Everything I ate today was boring. I had a banana, blackberries and rye bread for breakfast, an orange as a snack, a Pure bar and a salad for lunch, then some baby carrots and a few sips of kombucha. I felt very weird all day - my allergies are causing migranes which are in turn causing nausea and I went back and forth between intense hunger and not wanting to eat anything.
But when I got home I was really hungry. I had plans to eat leftover salad and soup but figured they could wait. I used up some leftover cooked lentils instead to make a lentil salad.

This is cooked brown lentils, chopped carrot, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and celery topped with some Trader Joe's pineapple salsa I had in the fridge. This was surprisingly good. The salsa was a little sweet, so I added hot sauce (also to help with congestion) and it really hit the spot. I can actually see myself deliberately making this again, perhaps with the addition of chopped onion, as opposed to a last ditch leftover lentil effort.
Any surprise leftovers triumphs in your kitchens lately?


  1. Almost all my triumphs come from whatever is in the fridge! Allergy season is definitely upon us!

  2. Soemtimes the meals we throw togethere with a bit of this and a bit of that are the most tastiest.

    Hope your allegies are not too much of a hindrance. This morning I woken up with a stinky cold.

  3. I made a yummy healthy soup this week out of the contents of untold numbers of ziploc bags from the freezer and fridge. It felt very triumphant!

  4. Allergies/Migraines/Nausea...Such a whiner!

  5. Aimee, you must have a very fresh and well kept fridge.

    Mangocheeks, I think it's the element of surprise that makes us so happy with it.

    Leslie, I hope they were labeled and not fuzzy!

    Shen, thanks, I'm feeling better today.


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