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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Veggie Pride

Today was the 4th Annual Veggie Pride Parade in NYC at Union Square. The weather was a bit iffy but after a run in the rain and a tropical green smoothie (spinach, mango, frozen banana, coconut, lemon, ginger, OJ and soy milk) I forced myself into the city. Silly me, I brought along a snack bar in my bag in case I got hungry. I also brought along my copy (purchased at work yesterday - the first copy we got into the store!) of Hannah Kaminsky's new cookbook, Vegan Desserts because I heard she would be at the parade! I'm a bit of a fan geek when it comes to Hannah and I wanted to get it signed....

As it turns out neither the cookbook nor the snack were necessary. Hannah actually got rained out of her table - it wasn't raining when I got there but people definitely did have tarpaulins over their books and pamphlets and such. I was a little disappointed about that but I'm horribly shy and might not even have approached the table anyway. However, I was cheered by the crazy amount of free samples everywhere!
Sabra was there again with Stacy's pita chips, Raw Revolution bars were there with their mini bars (incidentally, the kind of bar I had stashed JUST IN CASE), V-Spot was passing out what looked like empanadas (I didn't feel like trying one - or standing in line), Whole Earth Bakery was giving out samples of some chocolate cake (I also passed on this, as I didn't feel like eating sweets right then - but they've been around in NYC for a pretty long time and I've heard they recently changed the way they bake some stuff - for the better), there were YisRoyal cookie dough cookies (I'd never heard of them before) setting up, etc. etc. and so on, and I'm sure more things came out of the woodwork a little later.
Anyway, I sort of walked back and forth a few times, just taking it in. There weren't a whole lot of people there but I'm not much for crowds so I liked that. I'm definitely glad I went to this and did NOT attempt to go to the Vegetarian Food Festival back in April. I heard that was a madhouse. I'm always happier to be in fresh air, anyway. The weather might have scared a few people away but it wasn't a big deal.
Also cheering the space up was a costume contest with prizes for the best costume. Here are a few pictures I snapped:

I loved that blinged out dog! I hope she (he?) won. Maybe you can't tell but there are a bunch of plastic vegetables stuck to its head, hahah. The pig was pretty funny too - she was dancing a lot. There was also a lady all in brown with what I thought was a weird hat on, until I realized she was dressed as a mushroom! In the background you can kind of see Honey LaBronx, the Veggie Prom Queen, who is trying to get her Vegan cooking show on the internet. I would love to see that happen.
Anyway, I didn't stay too long but still, here's the free stuff I got (plus the cookbook):

One of the things I was most impressed with was that all the food samples were vegan and there were vegan cookbooks, vegan restaurants menus, etc. I heard some vegans had problems with the Vegetarian Food Festival because the food samples were vegetarian but not necessarily vegan. This did not appear to be the case here, which was awesome. There were also a lot of people dressed as cows saying "Don't drink milk," etc. G made a good point that anyone dedicated enough to show up to this thing was probably pretty hardcore and had made the jump to veganism already. Anyway, it was an enjoyable time. I guess that's all I have to say today. Afterwards I came home and made some tasty food, but I'll save that for tomorrow. Or something.
Do you guys have these sorts of festivals where you live? Do you usually attend? I'm going to tag this post "Holiday," 'cuz this counts, right?


  1. I really want that book...I miss macarons! Looks like it was a fun time; I was a wimp and stayed inside for fear of rain all day.

  2. yes it counts as a holiday:)no, we dont have anything like that here, it sounds so fun. im glad youwent and supported it!! id be the one in costume:)

  3. We don't have anything like that where I live, but if we did...I would go check it out. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :o)
    Hannah's cookbook looks like it would have some yummy desserts in it. I've been all about sweets here lately for some reason.

  4. I'm so sad that the rain ruined my plans... I was really looking forward to the parade, and now I feel terribly that I let you down! It would have been so wonderful to meet you... Hopefully I'll have another event in the city soon, and I'll make sure that it's indoors!

  5. Veggie Pride sounds like fun! I love the costumes too. I think it definitely counts as a holiday. We have a VegFest here, but I never go, because it's just not my cup of tea...but I think I would like this. I hope these events start spreading around the country.

  6. Hannah Kaminsky is made of sugar, so of course she can't go out in the rain! Duh!

  7. Dianne, everything in it looks really great but I am way too scared to attempt macarons!

    Michelle, of course you would! You must already have a duck costume in your closet in case, no?

    Michelle (llv) I am always all about the sweets.

    Hannah, don't feel bad! I hope you had a fun day in the city anyway - I did!

    Rose, I think I've heard of VegFest. I'm not usually big on these things either but this was pretty low-key. It would be great if there were more of these.

    Shen, good thing I eat so much oily food then - the rain just slicked right off me.

  8. Ah, well that's a relief... I wish I did, but sadly, I didn't make it into the city at all. I couldn't convince my driver/mom that it would be worth the trip if we couldn't show off the book. Very sad. :(

    But stay tuned, because I'm now working out a demo at the Whole Foods in the Bowery! I'll keep you posted.

  9. Were you wearing the hat that said "Be a Veg head not a dick head?"


  10. Woohoo! I'm so at the Bowery.

    Marty, haha I was not, although that's pretty funny..I wish I had!

  11. Somehow the words Bowery and Whole Foods are oxyomoronic.

  12. Veggie pride and free vegan treats? Why isn't this everyone's thing? I would have been all over it. Nope, we don't have anything here like that. The closest thing we have are Earth Day festivals, but they always serve hotdogs and other really non-earthy food.


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