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Saturday, May 7, 2011


I've been itching to cook something for the last few days but have had dinner party leftovers to use up, collard wraps to simply wrap, and one random Annie Chun noodle bowl to eat. I even turned on the oven the other night, wanting to bake cookies but then sadly turned it off, realizing I was out of the canola oil called for.
Then I thought, why do I need oil to bake anyway? It seemed the perfect time to break in the Happy Herbivore Cookbook I won from Lacey a month or two ago.
It wasn't until tonight, though, coming home from work and seeing a bag of tortilla chips on the kitchen table that I made something from it. Still in the Cinco de Mayo vibe, I guess, I wanted nachos. Making the cheese sauce was step number one and actually turned out to be the only step since I thought I had other things to put on the nachos but didn't really. No beans, only kalamata olives, no corn, no avocado...but I plugged along, thinking the sauce would be alright with vegetables as a dipping sauce at the least.
What I've heard about the book is so true: with a few minor substitutions, everything the cheese recipe called for was already in my pantry, it came together really quickly, and was totally delicious! Oils be damned! This also worked out way better for me than V'con's Cheezey Sauce, which was a little too drippy for my taste. I served it on a handful of chips and had a salad on the side because, lets face it, nachos aren't a meal.

Close up on the glom:

Anyway, this was a totally successful first recipe from what seems to be a very promising book. I'm excited to cook a lot more from this! I do enjoy shopping for special ingredients sometimes and planning elaborate meals but it's nice to be able to whip vegan cheese sauce up in a matter of minutes, no pre-planning required (though it would have been nice if I had some black beans and salsa on hand). Another reason I am excited to use this book is the clean-up. My least favorite part of washing most prep dishes is getting the oil off of the bowls! Yuck! I might be a little obsessive with it, but it seems impossible to ever get an oily bowl clean. Think of what it must be doing on our insides!
I am already thinking of baking something from it for Mother's Day tomorrow but may hold off on that. My mom isn't quite that vegan. Yet! Happy Mother's Day to all you out there, though.


  1. I stared at those Annie Chun bowls for a good long time today. Nuthin happened. Conspiracy debunked.

  2. Their wily noodles must have reached out of the box and pulled me in. I don't know what it was!

  3. i always look longingly at good, they arent that great!!

  4. That book saves my ass when I think I have "nothing" to eat in my house. It makes me eat healthy when I'm considering skipping a meal or just snacking instead :)

  5. Oooo looks lovely! Vegan cheese though? That exists? Haha! What is it made from?

  6. Michelle, I will never be tricked again! Maybe.

    Lacey, thanks again - I am looking forward to using it a lot.

    Sinead, there are actually a few ready-made vegan nacho cheeses and this one, like most, is nutritional yeast based. It's blended up with non-dairy milk, some spices, starch, salsa or roasted pepper and oatmeal! Of all things to hold it together. Lots of room for variation, too, I think.


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