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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Herbivore Muffins

So to come down off the more splurge-y type foods from the birthday party, I baked transition muffins! (Okay, basically I really just wanted to make them one way or another).
I made Happy Herbivore's Chocolate Zucchini Muffins - but with carrot instead of zucchini. I don't know what make me tinker with the recipe, since I had zucchini too, but hell why not. Maybe I was thinking about carrot cake. Actually it's not the weirdest thing I could have done since that also got me thinking about beet chocolate cake! I'm still going to make that someday.

I've made zucchini muffins before and these were just as moist and delicious. I couldn't help but eat one right away but I feel like they'll be even better tomorrow. I cut down on the sugar even more than Lindsay suggests - to about 1/4 cup - and added cardamom as well as the suggested cinnamon to play off the carrot. Half the batch has chocolate chips and half have chips and dried cranberries.

That's a less than stellar photo but I wanted to show off these silicone baking cups I got from work for a dollar! Actually, 50 cents. ACTUALLY, free, since G picked the book up for me. They came with a cupcake book (not vegan but some cool ideas) and 9 of these cups. I thought it would be a good time to try them out since I was baking without oil and shure nuff they just popped right out!
Has anyone ever used those?


  1. glad to see you having fun:)sorry i havent been around much, my parents are over.

  2. These muffins look great! :)

  3. I like your tinkering...and beet chocolate muffins sound great! Maybe the beets will add enough sweetness w/o any other sweetners. I'm staying tuned.

  4. I love the idea of reusable muffin liners! I've been wanting to try the chocolate-zucchini muffins. I'm not a huge carrot fan so may stick with zucchini for my first try.

  5. Hi Michelle, I hope you are enjoying yourself!

    Thanks Haymarket, they were tasty.

    Rose, yeah beets and carrots are supposed to be the two sweetest fruits - maybe I should have left all the added sugar out.

    VB, NOT A HUGE CARROT FAN??? Oh well, zucchini is tasty too.

    Shen, I sure do. So many variations to try!

  6. I thought about making those muffins the other day, but I didn't have any zucchini...bummer.
    I also want to make a beet chocolate cake. My cousin made one a while back and wouldn't stop raving about how good it was.
    Now you have me to wanting some of those silicone muffin cups. :o)


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