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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Appliances Need Not Apply

I'm here today to talk to you about appliances. The ones that I don't use.
Breakfast was superdelicious, yes one word, due to my oven. G and I don't have a toaster which is funny because it's the most basic of basic and instead we have a spiralizer, a waffle iron, and a popcorn maker. I don't eat much bread anymore so when I do it has to REALLY COUNT and toast is a hundred times better than plain bread. It's a scientific fact! It also helps when you have a really great bread. I used Trader Joe's Three Seed Honey Loaf which isn't vegan (due to the honey) but is amazing. My brother introduced me to it and I had a small piece and had been thinking about it ever since. The three seeds alluded to are sesame, poppy, and fennel! I intend to make a similar loaf without honey reeeallly soon. Anyway, I topped the toasted bread with melty Earth Balance and chopped Smyrna figs. Fig and fennel is a recently discovered flavor combination that I find surprisingly delicious.

I also ate a banana and smushed the remaining half onto the bread with the fig and butter and was completely content. Until I spilled coffee all over my bag and was almost late for work. That was annoying. But whatever! Delicious! I will keep you posted on the bread.
Lunch was obviously a salad.

Spinach, broccoli, red pepper, cucumber, carrot, snap peas topped with homemade hummus, balsamic, and pepper.
Dinner I'm a little embarrassed about. I went grocery shopping the other day for one or two things and for some reason threw an Annie Chun's teriyaki bowl into the basket, despite having leftovers galore at home and the fact that I rarely enjoy readymade dishes like this. The stuff is all-natural, so it could be worse, I guess, but it certainly isn't healthy and I'm humorously baffled as to what made me buy it. And what made me eat it when I have so many leftovers? Did someone post a subliminal message recently about these noodles? It was okay. Never again, though.

I tried to soup it up a little with more tofu on top and some red pepper flakes. I also used only about 1/3 of the sauce to cut back on sodium. I made a quick salad to go with it and topped it with some Asian-y sesame-ginger dressing that G's mom brought for us. But anyway, this was the second meal that I took the long way with: We actually DO have a microwave but I don't like to use it. Especially microwaving the plastic container the noodles came in. Eesh. So I plain old boiled water, like the frontierswoman I am.

How do you guys feel about microwaves? Do you use them? I saw a post by someone that her microwave is built into the (rental) house so she can't take it out, and instead uses it for storage! What about other appliances? Do you have a favorite?


  1. I'll be honest, I probably don't know enough to stop using my microwave. I also like my toaster. I've learned the hard way, though, that I can't use them at the same time without losing power.

    I only use the micro to heat leftovers -- I never cook in it. So I guess if I didn't eat leftovers, I wouldn't need it. Hands down, my favorite appliance is the coffeemaker. But I could use a stovetop espresso maker in a pinch.

    Your fig and fennel toast looks great. I can't remember the last time I had a fig.

  2. ok your next post is how you heard about the Maillard reaction:)

    good for you about the honey.

    i dont microwave plastics anymore either but i still do use it sometimes. wouldnt want to live without it at this point but..maybe in the future? i really use my blender a lot, and the oven:)

  3. I have never owned a microwave and we never had one in our house growing up. I would totally use one for storage if it was built in!

    They freak me out. My favourite restaurants also don't use microwaves.

    My fave is my blender and stand mixer. I also have a love for the food processor. And I definetly think that all three are necessary! haha! :)

  4. I am not huge on appliances, but I do use my coffee press (not really an appliance?) and my food processor almost daily. Those are my go-to tools!

  5. I hardly ever use my microwave. I do it when I am in a huge hurry and need to eat really quick, but I generally enjoy food reheated on the stove or in the oven more. My favorite appliances are my two food processors - one big, one small.

  6. i use a microwave frequently. on a scale of one to ten i would say i use it a seven. the government says it is safe as well as a sticker on the packaging and therefore it must be. i would never store things in my microwave because it may turn on by itself in the night and if it were plastic or metal being stored in there, start a fire. food being stored in a microwave may be just as hazardous as food being cooked in a microwave, on a cellular level. therefore the only thing safe to store in a microwave would be wood.

  7. Jessica, I used to live in an apartment that had a surge problem like that! It's scary. PS Eat the figs!

    Haha, Michelle, I heard about toast tasting better than bread somewhere I can't remember but when I googled it, someone mentioned the Maillard reaction on a Yahoo answers post. I mean...I'm a chemist, duh.

    LS, a stand mixer! Well aren't you fancy! I want one but will for now content myself with stirring my arm wobbles away.

    Leslie, I'm with you on the coffee press. Without it, I wouldn't be able to use any other appliances safely!

    Cassie, I think I need a small food processor too! What do you use it for?

    Yo, YO! You are 7 out of 10 radioactive right now.

  8. Interesting stuff about the Maillard reaction.

    I'm gonna look for those Annie Chun bowls in the store and see if I wind up buying one. You may have stumbled upon some crazy hypnotic noodle conspiracy.

  9. I do use my microwave. I get really upset with my husband for standing right in front of it and watching his food cook. I like the idea of not using one or having one. One day when my anti-laziness kicks in, I'll get rid of it. I could NOT live without my toaster because most of the bread I eat is the very sense, seedy, grainy kind that does indeed taste better toasted.

  10. Jenny, I know how you feel. I hate being in the same room when someone else uses it - I don't know how anyone can stand right in front of it!


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