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Monday, May 30, 2011

ALMOST Too Hot to Eat

Oof. I do not do well in humidity. I see a lot more raw stuff in my future. If I survive the heat, anyway. Haha okay ENOUGH COMPLAINING.
Breakfast was a banana and an almond butter and strawberry sandwich on dark rye, inspired by Carissa.

I bought the strawberries for Sarah Kramer's strawberry/spinach salad but I realized I just don't care about it.
My mom then stopped by with some radishes from her garden that I helped her plant! It has been so long since I've had radishes but I love them. The next Cookbook Club book is The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and going through it today I noticed quite a few recipes with radish in them so, cool. I snacked on a couple with some cucumber and pesto before pretty much losing my appetite.

I had another piece of bread with raw honey later in the day, a few cherries, and some bell pepper but my heart wasn't in it. So sad. I did go out for a beer with my mom and pop, though, which was nice. I haven't actually seen them in quite a few weeks.
I had been planning a Memorial Day dinner of sorts but was unenthused for it. Instead of tofu pups, guac, and coleslaw, I had salad with some avocado, lime juice, and red pepper flakes mixed in and a pup with bell pepper and cabbage leaves topped with Trader Joe's pineapple salsa.

When I was eating fairly high raw last summer I ate cabbage instead of corn chips. It sounds weird, but all I care about is the dip sometimes and however it gets to my mouth works for me.
Now to go lay on some ice.


  1. Ugh, I feel you pain about the heat... I'm not adjusting well to the climate change. I can't remember all of the cool, refreshing dishes I used to make last summer! So far, cold leftovers have been my only fall back plan (which are actually not nearly so bad as they sound- Especially Indian food, which I swear actually becomes 10x more delicious once it's sat in the fridge a few hours.)

  2. haha I felt that way this appetite for breakfast, until I got back from yoga that is. No better way to work up some hungry! I like the idea about the cabbage, it's crunchy and rather mild so I can see how it works as a chips substitute.

  3. Looks like I'm bailing on the Strawberry Spinach Salad too. Dianne made it and that's good enough for me.

  4. I'm the same way in the heat. I always eat WAY lighter in the summer. Your breakfast looks SO GOOD though! I wish I could still eat bread because I want to make one! Although I could convert it to a bowl of oats ;)

  5. Yup- here in Louisiana it becomes loathsome to turn on the oven about now. I am enjoying some garden-grown radishes too!

  6. That hot already? Yipes! Sounds like it's time to hit the beach...with your radishes, which are very pretty by the way. I like the idea of cabbage as chips...the sauce is the most important part.

  7. Hannah, looks like I'll be cooking up some Indian soon. Actually I remember one of yr recipes from last year was an Indian-spiced "samosa" potato salad, which I've wanted to make since then! Sounds like it fits all the categories.

    Dianne, you're right but I'm so bad about exercising in the heat.. I wake up feeling as though I've already run!

    Shen, haha totally. I know what it looks like, whatever.

    VAVA or you could just eat almond butter covered straberries and not have any oats get in the way of the deliciousness!

    Leslie, oof, Louisiana! I shouldn't be complaining.

    Rose, maybe not THAT hot. But close.


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