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Sunday, May 8, 2011

15 Minutes of Mom

Happy Mothers' Day! I believe that's the correct punctuation, as I push my glasses up my nose.
I went to church, got annoying church songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day, came home and walked around the hood for about 15 minutes with my mom and that was the end of it. She's a wonderful lady but we're both pretty busy and I'm a terrible daughter. I love you mommy; I'll cook you something soon.
This was breakfast for G and I: (Well, he had his own - we didn't have to share)

Spinach, banana, frozen strawberries, 1/2 inch chunk of ginger, soy milk, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and maybe 1 tsp. raw honey.
Lunch was collard wraps:

Stuffed with Happy Herbivore's nacho cheese, avocado, hot sauce (the trifecta!), carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and yellow squash.

I also had more of the avocado, hot sauce, and nacho cheese with some chips to round out the experience.
Then I re-organized the pantry (though you can't really tell. I think I just shifted some dried peas to the left) and cleaned up the fridge. I don't like to waste food but I am happy to have tossed a few things that were probably inedible at this point. In an effort to use up a few odds and ends that were sitting in the fridge, I chopped up a withering beet with some of the summer squash, tossed it with olive oil, thyme, salt, and pepper, intending to roast it for dinner. However, when dinner came around, I didn't feel like roasting the veg and just threw some spinach in the dish and called it a salad while I cooked up some fusili. An odd choice, I guess, but I'm trying to clear up some room in said pantry.

Salad and fusili, topped with homemade pasta sauce (to clear out the fridge) and a bit of pesto (cuz, really, if you've got it, flaunt it.) Watch that fusili clip!!


  1. homemade pasta sauce! it looks so good! i tried to watch the clip but every once in awhile the sound on my computer doesnt work and walter has to fix it...thisis one of those times...looks funny:(

    happy cat mothers day!!

  2. Annoying church songs stuck in your! I haven't been to church in years, but can still riff off a lot of the old tunes!

    15 minutes of Mothers' Day (good point about the punctuation) is better than none.

    Thanks for the Seinfeld link; I had long forgotten how funny that show was...rigatoni for George, Lol, that sounds about right. I wonder what my perfect pasta portrait type would be.

  3. Guess Mom had a street sweeper to go chase.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. So, this comment is pretty close to the one I deleted by the way, so no worries. What I said was that was a lot of ginger you used in your smoothie, but it sure is good for us! Yum.

  6. I've got Happy Herbivores nacho cheese on my menu for sometime this week! :o)
    At least you spent a little time with your mom...that sure is better than nothing! My sister and I went to church with my mom and then took her out to eat...I hadn't seen her in almost 3 that's a bad daughter. :)

  7. Your food is always so colorful! I need to start using collard greens and other leafy veggies as wraps, healthier than bread. By the way, I just added your blog to my blog roll for Blogs I ♥ I hope you get more traffic and new followers.

  8. Aww, such sweet things you have to say about your mom. Does she like your cooking? I'm always interested in that. My mom, great as she is, isn't really into me doing things my way. My father is much more receptive.

    Your collard wrap is holding together beautifully.

  9. Michelle, yes, pet mothers should get some love too :)

    Rose, I gotta say - those songs are sometimes some of my least favorite part about going, though there are a few nice ones! Haha, I know, I was trying to come up with a pasta shape for me too...probably a big fat floppy lasagna noodle.

    Shen, yes. Probably.

    Blessed Mama, I could be wrong about the ginger amount; I really just eyed it but I did use a lot in this smoothie. I love it!

    Michelle, I'm glad you finally got your copy after all that trouble! It looks great, doesn't it?

    Elisabeth, thank you! That's sweet. I hope I get some exotic Czech followers!

    Jessica, she's a mom, you know ;) She likes some of it but definitely was raised on a different palate (not to mention spent a lot of her life in France so she's used to butter - and sweet butter at that, so the salted Earth Balance throws her off). My father sounds like yours.

  10. Yes, I agree to both points - Mothers' AND pet mothers should get love, too.

    At least you got to spend a few minutes with her. For real. So many people don't get to see their moms at all that day. I live 5 minutes from mine, though. But she would NOT think it was a gift if I cooked for her - she is very prejudiced against "vegan." My dad isn't, though!

    Nacho cheese sounds good.

  11. Jenny, sometimes I think mothers are best taken in moderation anyway :) The nacho cheese was Really good!


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