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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wrap is Back! (And I am too)

Life is so side-trackey sometimes. Sometimes ya just gotta read a book about a giant whale. Or watch a gin-soaked movie. Or get two beers with a friend and feel far too woozy to blog. Are you guys reading anything good?
Anyway, here are just a few photos of what I've been eating lately - and! you'll notice that the collard wraps are back!

So, yeah. Also a few cookies. Three! of my co-workers quit on the same day, so I made blondies from VCIYCJ and orange chocolate chocolate-chip cookies from V'con. It was sad. Well, not the cookies, but them leaving. The baked goods came out well, if I do say so myself.
Sunday G and I are having another dinner party and this one should be the best so far! It's a springy menu and hopefully the weather will be nice and all shall be happy.
I'm catching up with your blogs, and here are my answers to the survery. Thanks to everyone who played along. I really love reading people's answers to things like that!

1. What is the most extravagant food item you've purchased of late?
Hmm, Calimyrna figs today as a snack! Almost 5 bucks, though I guess a bag lasts me two days.
2. What was your favorite meal growing up?
My mom made some really good garlicky crispy broccoli! Best burnt!
3. What food item do you most wish you could expertly make every time?
Yeasted things, I guess. I'm okay with them but they could be better.
4. Do you have a favorite dish you've ordered at a restaurant? Which restaurant?
Cabbage and potato burrito! I rarely eat out, so that's pretty much all I can think of for now...
5. What do you eat that makes you feel healthiest?
Smoothies, Greg Salad
6. What was the first cookbook you obtained?
Vegan with a Vengeance, I'm pretty sure.
7. What is the oddest meal you've ever cobbled together?
Sweet potato and black bean mash was...interesting.
8. Best sandwich concoction?
Hmm...I don't eat a lot of sandwiches anymore! I had a really weird tahini, sauerkraut, arugula, and sundried tomato sandwich a while ago. It was actually delicious.
9. Quick! What is the last food you just ate?
Oh, I made leftover orange chocolate cookies! And then ate it!
10. Describe your usual breakfast scenario. What, when, where, why...
Well I guess it's usually some sort of fruit and tea early.
11. What, if anything, would you like to change about your diet?
Fewer sweets! And probably fewer fats (nuts, seeds, chocolate)


  1. I'm inspired by your wraps! Every time I think about making a wrap-type meal, I'm turned off because I can't find a really good, low-cal tortilla or wrap. I think I need to follow your lead and use greens. Oh, and I agree--the orange choco choco chip cookies are amazing. I still have some in my freezer I've been slowly savoring.

  2. I love broccoli when it gets nice an burnt too, and your sandwich concoction sounds really good to me.

    Have fun at your dinner party!

  3. Jennifer, you can barely taste any "greenery" and they actually stay together like real wraps never do. I like them a lot!

    Rose, I think I saw the sandwich idea on Food Snobbery is My Hobbery! And thank you. Maybe photos tomorrow, but I always say that and never have any...


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