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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Meals, One Bowl

I ate all my food today out of the one same bowl, washing in between, of course.

Applesauce, walnuts, blackberries, raisins, topped with ground flax seed and cinnamon. Irish Breakfast tea.

Salad. Yo, everyone be eyein' my salad lately! Okay, well, two or three people only have commented on it at work, which I find kind of funny because it's delicious, but it's just...salad. It isn't even all that appetizing-looking after it's been thrown around in my bag during the commute. Maybe people at work don't eat vegetables?

My first pizza veggies! I first saw this on Alicia's The Vegan Epicurean, but I think she eats the dish warm. I was really hungry when I got home from work, so I ate my vegetables raw (a LOT of broccoli, chopped spinach, carrot, sundried tomatoes) and just threw some homemade marinara sauce from out of the fridge on top. I also added nooch and black pepper. It would have been great with some black olives, too, but as it was, it was really tasty.
Dessert was one of the bran muffins, not in a bowl. Also, click on that post and leave a comment saying which gift you'd rather receive if you want to take part in the giveaway! Tomorrow's the last day!

One last bowl thing - so, this is a popular concept among vegans, apparently: THE BOWL. I know of at least one cookbook that provides guidelines on how to make your own bowl (of food). I'm not trying to hate on it, and obviously, as a piece of kitchenware, it's very versatile is a Bowl (The Bowl) any different from eating various things separated on a plate? You can put more than one thing on your fork, you know? I'm just confused and if someone could explain the hype and distinguish, I'd be obliged. Thanks. Good night.


  1. hmm...the bowl...well, i will say that i probably do prefer to eat out of a bowl - but that's only if i'm not sitting at the table - if i'm at the computer or on my bed. it's just easier to hold and not spill so i like the idea of having it all right there together, and it's round and feels good against my hands. i guess? and maybe mixing things in a bowl ends up being a healthier concept rather than casseroles or meat dishes or sandwiches or whatever - it ends up being more salad-like, veggie-like. maybe?

    your salad IS very lovely. maybe you take it for granted what an exceptionally healthy eater you are. or seem to be to me.

  2. I agree with Jenny. It looks like you eat very healthy & that's great! I love the pizza veggies especially.

    I prefer to eat out of a bowl when possible because I tend to be messy. Bowls just help me to keep the food off of the counter.... or myself. heh

  3. Funny about the one bowl thing - G and I each have fave bowls, and we'll (I'll) wash them out for subsequent meals. Nothing like your fave bowl. As for The Bowl idea. Not sure. I had a friend once whose husband insisted on her making only casseroles. He preferred only a one dish meal. Not that he did any cooking or clean-up, just demanded the casserole. Oh, they're divorced now. Anyhoo, bowls invite creativity, I think. What sounds good piled on top of something else? Answer that, and you've got a good meal started!

  4. Your eats are always healthy and enticing. It all looks good...bowl or plate. I'm not too particular about the implement long as it holds the food.

  5. i was looking for shens comment about you eating light? couldnt find it...but im with you! i like eating foods that make me feel good....and i have a special bowl that i eat out of also...:)

  6. Lol. I think it's just a comfort-food thing. You could curl up on the sofa around a bowl, or you could sit down at the table with a knife and fork and daintily eat off a plate. By the way, I responded to your jicama question on my comments section :-)

  7. I am going to be the odd person here....I don't have a fav bowl...I only eat out of a bowl if I am eating a small salad or like oatmeal or I rather have a plate, so I can have more foods to choose from. :)

    Your salad looks great! Don't feel bad, no one ever really comments on my salads either. People around here aren't really veggie eaters. :o)

  8. Once I ate food in a bowl that I associated with a family member growing up. Because they had a bowl haircut.

  9. Thank you for your answers. You all inspired me to go to Salvation Army to try to find some fun new bowls, but there was nothing good. I'm definitely with you all on not making so much of a mess with a bowl. I also really like the "comforting feel" theory!
    Shen, were you imagining you were eating their brains out of that inside out bowl haircut?


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