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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Raw Week, Day 4

Okay, so today didn't feel so well as raw actual chew-food does. I wanted to sleep a lot. And my head hurts. I'm guessing it's caffeine withdrawal and drinking tea with raw agave (hey, it's a liquid!) now to make up for it.
Anyway, no super special pictures today, but a lot of glasses:
Breakfast was a smoothie, no complaints here.

Spinach, chocolate Vega protein powder, 1 banana, ice, frozen strawberries, and water. I ran out for my break early at work, anticipating getting hungry, but this smoothie kept me full past 12!
I sipped on some Trilogy Kombucha until lunchtime, read, looked for an Easter dress (so much more free time on lunch!) and stopped into Liquiteria for an "All Greens" fresh-pressed juice:

Kale, romaine, spinach, parsley, celery, and cucumber. A little bitter but refreshing.
More kombucha....and dinner:

Tomato juice, into which I mixed a little nutritional yeast and cayenne pepper. I actually think I drank too much. I feel full; hunger wasn't the problem today so much as fatigue and this headache.
A NEW! Michelle made a good point yesterday in the comments about what I drink depending on what I want to get out of the detox. Seeing as how I haven't really figured that out - there's no specific goal beyond a cleanered-out body - my liquids are all over the place (not literally, that would be messy). I'm off tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. Some homemade juice would be nice...


  1. No matter how much you detox, juice, and go raw, you will still be as dirty as Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant!

  2. I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow after all that nutrition in liquid least if you're home and feel sleepy, you can take some well-deserved cat naps.

    Kombucha is definitely something I'd turn to on a liquid diet for sure, and tomato juice is a fav of mine; your additions sound excellent, am going to try asap.

  3. I hope you're feeling better!
    I've only had Kombucha once and I loved it. I've never been a fan of tomato juice, but that was pre-veg days. You've inspired me to give it another try~! :o)

  4. How cleanered-out are you willing to go? High Colonic? Anyone? Anyone?

  5. Oh, I'm getting a sympathy headache just thinking how hungry I'd be after just a few juices all day. But, fasting - I know that's not what you're doing - is good for the body every now and then. But, I hope you chew something today!

  6. Joe, I don't get that reference, so I'm going to say thank you for the compliment.

    Rose, I definitely opted for the nap over the 4 dollar kombucha today!

    Michelle, I didn't like tomato juice much as a kid but I've grown into appreciating it. Also, spice anything up and I'll take it!

    Shen, don't joke! G and I always talk about that! I seriously would. I drank a laxative tea last night but I didn't blog about that because...that's even less appetizing than the tomato juice picture.

    Blessed Mama, eat some kale, quick! I agree that fasting is good occasionally. Maybe if I did it more regularly it wouldn't make me feel as sick as I did.

  7. Wow- you have some determination!


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