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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fairy Food

I'm totally changing the name of my blog - at least I stay FF. I know you were probably joking, Shen, but you don't know how obsessive I am. I ONLY want to eat food that makes me feel "light and ethereal" and like a floating magical princess from now on.
First on the menu might have backfired a little: I present The Bramble.

I'm calling it a Bramble because that's what my bartender friend called it when I told him about it, but all my research in trying to find a cocktail recipe for a "Bramble" yields a completely different drink. So I made up the ratios for this drink and...might have overdone it. This is muddled blackberries, bourbon, lemon bitters, and lemon juice. The second round I added agave syrup. In any case, this is TOTALLY what a fairy princess would drink on the night of her 18th birthday (legal drinking age is the same as in Canada.) Ooh, and maybe some Framboise L'ambic! That stuff is...far too drinkable.
Though not quite as magical as a Bramble, lunch today was tasty.

Layered salad: Raw No-Tuna, spinach, romaine, tomatoes, carrots, and Smoky Tahini sauce on top.
Dinner was salad, topped with sprouts, fairy-approved but no photo because I was too busy strumming my harp.
By dessert-time, camera was back in hand:

Plain soy yogurt, chopped kiwi, and re-hydrated goji berries (thanks for the tip, Alayna, I do like them better this way).
I might seriously consider a week-long menu plan of only fairy food. Someone please stop me. Now if only I could shrink myself down so I could ride on my cat's back!
Oh, and if you want - enter the giveaway here by telling me which gift you'd prefer. I promise not to sprinkle any weird fairy dust in your baked good or to put a hex on the book so that it snaps shut everytime you open it. Unless you want me to.


  1. Awesome, glad I turned you back on to gojis! I want to eat them exactly as you have pictured there, looks wonderful.

  2. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now. It's just a spring clean for the May Queen.

  3. Fairy food sounds like fun! And, anything with muddled berries always sounds good to me. I agree the Lambic beers are just way too drinkable.

  4. ok...I had to leave your blog for a brief moment to go google muddled berries and Framboise L'ambic. I'm not a big drinker, so all that went right over my The Framboise sounds like something I would totally like though! :o)

  5. YES! Fairy Food. Love it!!

    Also, it just occurred to me that we're BOTH FF, romantic!! :)

    Thanks for sharing this yummy food, and the reminder about re-hydrating goji's. I love them that way!


  6. Thanks for the idea, Alayna. I even drizzled the goji juice on so as not to waste a drop!

    Shen - that's the Satanic Verse! My eyes!

    Rose, I love those Lambics!

    Michelle, it's like amazing juice.

    LS - I've noticed that before haha. I say LS though so it doesn't look like I'm talking to myself.

  7. the yogurt is calling out to me!

    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  8. Debra, I've only recently started eating soy yogurt, and don't much but it is always very good and refreshing!

  9. Jenny, I bet you would throw the best fairy food themed birthday party!


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