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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Calm after the Storm, Food before the Fast

Happy Magnetic Fields Day, everyone! And Happy Palm Sunday to those of you who celebrate it. It certainly was a perfect day for it: after the rains of last night (and best to those of you in NC!), the weather was really nice this morning and I was up early for a short run! I got back, showered, and went to church for a nice service.
When I got back, I was pretty hungry and made short order of a green (blue-gray, really) smoothie for two:

This was spinach, 1 banana, ice, blueberries, a package of Vega vanilla powder, water, and lemon juice.
I worked for a bit on my zine and then made lunch, Hannah Kaminsky's delicious fava bean salad. Except I didn't use fava beans.

She might be best known for her sweet stuff, but I love pretty much anything Hannah posts, and this sounded perfect for a green, fresh, spring meal. I'm always down with salad "recipes" because I definitely wouldn't have thrown this together on my own (artichokes, leeks, and beans are a great match apparently) but also because as Hannah says, mixing and matching ingredients to what you have is totally acceptable. The only changes I made were to sub frozen lima beans for fava beans, because I couldn't find any, and to use half spinach and half arugula for the greens because I like it! I DID use pine nuts and am still taking ideas on how to use them up. This was a delicious, flavorful, and filling but light midday meal. The dressing was especially awesome.
Oh yeah, and red pepper, carrots, and tomatoes on the side.

I haven't had dinner yet. It'll probably be another salad of some sort, and then I may or may not do some prep for tomorrow, since the next three days will be raw. Any easy raw recipe suggestions? I WILL be partaking of some Duvel tonight (last sips before Easter!), courtesy of my friend Joe.
Before I go, here are two photos I took this afternoon with the about 15 minutes of sun we get in the kitchen on good days when it shines down the air shaft! I had put my coffee down randomly, as I am wont to do, and wandered back to the kitchen to find this beautiful (or I thought so anyway) shot!

And, ha! That "Looks like Fatty didn't screw up" poster was actually crammed in a rental returned to work from SNL when Zach Galifinakis hosted recently. Cool, right, I KNOW!


  1. I have to say, Easter always makes me miss my Catholic upbringing. Enjoy your last tipple before the big day.

    I'm terribly out of the loop, so don't know who Zach Galiflnakis is, but if you say it's cool; I'll take your word.

    That salad does look so spring like, great stuff!

  2. I hope you enjoy the Duvel half as much as I enjoyed Citifield. Build it and he will come, ease his pain city! Put some parsley on that salad and send it into Gourmet magazine.

  3. Never saw a crucifix as a swizzle stick before.

    Zach did great hosting SNL. Dame Helen Mirren totally blew.

    God is not impressed with the Mets.

  4. Rose, Easter is very nice but celebrating Spring is just as nice :) I don't know if you should take me as the word on what's cool but..okay!

    Wak, it was very Belgian, which the Mets are not.

    Shen, have you ever seen a palm as a cat toy, because my cat sure indulged in some sacrilege there. Didn't see the Dame! And you're right about the Mets...but we still have faith.

  5. That salad sounds good. Salad with artichokes always sounds good.

  6. Jenny, anything with artichokes sounds good!


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