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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to Do, and What Not To

Blech. My head has been aching for three days straight and my nose has been alternately runny and stuffy and bloody for a few days. All I wanted to do was steam my face and sleep but my co-workers were on vacation and I couldn't leave early or take off. It was a busy week but now I got mine and I'm on vacation as of today until Friday! Now to find something to do. I sense a lot of cooking on the horizon.
Here's last night's dinner, Udon-Miso Soup, which was perfect sick food.

It was inspired by the Udon-Shitake-Kale soup from Veganomicon. This version was more brothy, and had baby bellas and spinach instead of shittakes and kale, but it was still good. I also threw some seaweed in for good measure. There was a small salad on the side, too.
And here's what you probably don't want to eat when you're sick (sugar apparently weakens your immune system):

Since G and I have greatly reduced our sugar intake I've been feeling pretty good but when I do eat something really sweet (like these cookies) I get bad headaches that don't go away, even after going to bed. They just have to "wear off." So, it's a good thing I didn't have to keep these around. These cookies were baked for a co-worker who's leaving, but wouldja believe it, he wasn't even at work yesterday! The rest of the folks at work seemed to enjoy them, though. They are Orange Chocolate-Chocolate Chip cookies from Veganomicon and which I saw on Jennifer's blog.

I pretty much agree exactly with her description; I thought there could be more orange flavor, but everyone else thought the amount was good. I have made these cookies (well, the original variation) a few times before and they always come out well: moist with just a good bit of crispness. She kindly posts the recipe for those (few) of you who don't have VEGANOMICON.
The second batch are a personal tweak on another V'con recipe for Fig-Smushed Almond Cookies. I made them Apricot-Almond cookies by using half almond flour-half WW pastry, adding cardamom and omitting anise extract, and mixing rehydrated chopped apricots into the dough.

Oh, I also used less baking powder but that was an accident because I ran out. Ha. These I didn't like so much. The flavor is okay but there was way too much oil in them and they were very greasy. They are also a little thinner than I would have liked, probably due to the amount of baking powder. Anyway, one person actually preferred these to the chocolate cookies, so what do I know? I may bake something else for the guy leaving on Monday because I HAVE 6 DAYS OFF AND NOTHING TO DO.


  1. those orange-chocolate cookies look fantastic. your departing coworker missed out by not being there. hope you feel better soon!

  2. I have been trying to reduce my sugar intake, too. I don't normally eat much, but I do find it hard to resist a bite (or ten) of Rice Dream

    Those cookies look GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

  3. 6 days off and nothing to that like all dressed up and no where to go? Sounds like perfect bliss to me. Pottering around in the kitchen is a wonderful way to spend time in my opinion. Have fun! And I hope your headache goes away soon! :)

  4. Yummm!!!! What else came out of your nose???

  5. thats so sweet of you to bake for them! the first pic of cookies i thought were from a display case in fancy bakery:) not joking!. so you get headaches from sugar? im glad that you are able to figure out what caused them, im so oblivious id never figure it out. ttysoon Maud!

    i really hope you feel better soon. being sick on vacation..not good!

  6. That soup is going to fix you right up! It looks so yummy!
    Those are some good looking cookies too! Your coworker lost out big time. :)
    I'm with Rose on the 6 days off. I sure wish I had 6 days off. I have a list a mile long of things that I would do...ha
    I hope your "sugar" headache goes away soon...feel better!!!

  7. Soup always makes me feel better, but I've been known to get some take-out miso soup. Yours looks delicious, and I hope it helped you feel better enough to enjoy your vacation time!

  8. Thanks for the well wishes guys.

    Sara - I may still bake something else for him for Monday! If I feel manic, I guess.

    LS - that's the problem for me too: one bite always turns into wayy too many.

    Rose - it's quite similar and equally as pathetic.

    Shen, at least I washed my hands before I baked anything.

    Michelle, thank you! That's quite a compliment about the cookies. I've had headaches for a long, long time and I only just figured out what it is!

    Michelle, thanks. I made sure to put extra red pepper flakes in the soup to burn the cold out, haha. I have a list of things to do to but I'm so bad at accomplishing any of them ahhh.

    Jessica, miso is a pancea.


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