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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts on Raw and...Bread

Yesterday was raw and I don't really have to put much effort into not eating cooked foods if there raw options, especially because eating raw means having your food more quickly - just some chopping prep or something.
But what to do with all that extra spare time? Bake bread, of course. And then gaze longingly at it.

Sarah Kramer's Sassy Sandwich bread, again. This time, more whole wheat flour, less sugar, less oil, and pumpkin seeds on top.
I ate a slice for breakfast with banana, a bit of almond butter and more pumpkin seeds on top, with black tea and an extra handful of seeeeeds with dried cranberries for iron. I always feel weird "breaking" a raw day because raw makes me feel so good, but I do have leftovers to use up, a boy to feed, and a recipe addiction. Plus, on days I work (unlike yesterday) I like to have a heartier breakfast to keep me be able to..sit at a computer.
I really am trying to eat raw more often though, and one thing I noticed yesterday was that I didn't get any of the ridiculous headaches I far too often do. It could be because of less sugar, or more water, or the lack of any alcohol for the past 6 days, or any number of things but I'll take it, whatever it was. Anyway, a few of you mentioned an interest in eating raw more often too - so look for a few more raw posts/recipes to come! Spring is definitely on its way.


  1. Nice contrast between raw food and bread. The sandwich bread you put together sounds healthy enough to have raw counterparts! The banana sandwich looks like great breakfast fare, raw or no! :)

  2. ive been about 90% raw since last wed, its easier this time than any other time i have tried. but this looks really good! i think im going to go make something with a banana in it! i dont really like bananas, but when i see other people eating them i wnat to like them too!

  3. Was that "seeeeds" an Amanda Seyfreid joke? Please tell me it was.

  4. So much of what I eat is raw fruits & veggies, but I've never committed to going raw-only on certain days. Maybe I should! Love this combo.

  5. I can't do entirely raw, my digestive system needs warm to work properly, but 30% is pretty much perfect!

    That bread looks so good I tried to eat it through my computer screen. Kinda metal-tasting. Not satisfying at all.


  6. Great minds think alike! Though I find that raw seems to take more time--maybe because we're trying to come up with elaborate raw meals, or possibly just aren't in the right headspace yet. Strangely, before stopping in, I'd been thinking of doing a raw pad thai tonight--then what should I see on your blog? Excellent timing! Looks great.

  7. YUM...that bread does look good! Do you have any raw cookbooks? I'm thinking about investing in one.
    Oh, I got some collards at the grocery store yesterday, so hopefully I will have a collard wrap post soon. :o)
    Oh yeah one more thing...after seeing your fruit salad that you had the other day, I had to make one last night....I forgot to put it on my blog though. I know it had to be much better for me that The oreos are all gone now though, and I am NOT buying any more. :o)))

  8. Hm, I don't consciously do raw/cooked, but there are foods I like much better raw (and others, much better cooked). I wonder why you feel bad breaking a raw day - especially with homemade bread!

  9. Such thoughtful comments on my dinky leetle bread post!

    Rose, that's an interesting idea! I've seen raw crackery things with pumpkin seeds and such, but I don't think I can make them without a dehydrator. Though I could try...

    Michelle, awesome for you for the 90% raw! That's way high. I'm the same way about seeing something I don't really enjoy but looks good on someone else's blog - I feel like I HAVE to make it. Weird, isn't it?

    Dianne! Hahah, very cool. I didn't think people would catch that! "Spinach. JUST spinach. And some seeeeeds." Poor girl.

    VB, yeah, I do too but when I stop and consciously decide on a raw day, I find myself so much more mindful. I actually had my hand on a box of crackers, just to take a few, when I was like, "Oh, wait, duh." And then I realized I wasn't really hungry anyway. If anything, an all-raw day is can be an exercise in more
    mindful eating.

    LS, sorry bout those metal chunks and wires, I can't think how they fell into the batter!

    Mark, I'm definitely all about convenience when it comes to raw but composed "meals" are way fun. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with!

    Michelle, looking through my (way too many) cookbooks, I do have a bit of a raw collection. If you can find it, I'd first recommend Jennifer Cornbleet's Raw Food Made Easy because it makes servings for 1 or 2 people so it's not a huge waste if you don't like a recipe. She also doesn't call for any crazy, geary contraptions like so many raw uncookbooks do. She's got an interesting "Southern Greens" dish in there with collards, if you get sick of collard wraps (as if!)

    Jessica, it definitely isn't the worst I could have eaten but I feel like I bloat back up almost immediately. Boo.

  10. Thanks for explaining the Amanda Seyfried reference. That interview was several years ago!


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