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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tempting Tester: Tempeh Tagine

Ladies and Gents: here's the unveiling of the Lemony-Olive Tempeh Tagine from the upcoming Urban Vegan cookbook that you and I both were waiting for:

A tagine is basically a Moroccan stew named for the pot it is cooked in so it can have a variety of ingredients. My mother, who spent some time in Algeria, has a tagine given to her from an family friend from Cameroon but I rather un-traditionally cooked this in a baking dish.
Anyway, it's pretty much self-explanatory what's in this recipe. It's spiced mostly with paprika, giving it an orange tint, and marinates overnight and is then cooked up. The whole thing was pretty easy to make, but I'm honestly a little on the fence about the flavor. It's funny because I love tempeh and G isn't a huge fan, but he seemed to enjoy this more than I did. I felt like the spices were a little tame. It could have been the olives I used (jarred, olive-cured Kalamata from TJ) because I tasted them alone and they weren't quite as pungent as I had imagined they'd be. I added a few more olives to my dish, as well as a fresh squirt of lemon juice, which improved the taste. I had it again tonight and added harissa, which I figured was fitting. That was a nice, spicy addition too. Overall the tagine was hearty and warm, though, and I'd love to expand on this dish with other North African and Moroccan flavors. Maybe I'll make it again with some tweaks for my mom to see what she thinks. So, that's that.
And here's another shot of the previous tester recipe, Prismatic Wild Rice Salad, which I loved and didn't do justice to with the other photograph. I had it for lunch today over chard and felt the goodness of the earth invade my veins.

Now I'm going to try to read some Wretched of the Earth to keep the Afro beat happening.


  1. I've yet to make a tagine, but I'd probably have to add harissa too!

  2. The tagine held so much promise in its title! I'm sure you'll be able to liven up the flavors and tweak it into a really delicious dish next time round. I've never tested recipes before; do the authors generally take your comments to heart and change the recipe accordingly?

    Anyway, the title of the salad is awesome too: prismatic. It does look really colorful and so full of the earth's goodness.

  3. Aimee, it was on my mind after your post the other day - it was the perfect thing.

    Rose, this is my first time testing so I have no idea what the final product will be but she seems very willing to modify temps/liquid measurements. A taste for spices is a pretty personal thing so I'm not sure she'd change that unless it's a theme. We'll have to wait for the cookbook!

  4. The tagine looks great! I could not see the link for the cookbook, I got an error message :-(

  5. Sorry about that, Elisabeth - it should be fixed now. It's a link to the author's blog. She has a lot of photos from the new cookbook up!

  6. I can see it now. It is a nice blog! Thanks!


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