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Friday, February 11, 2011

Nutrient-Dense Salads (and cookies for balance)

Guys. My computer is so dumb. I will be brief because the technology might give out at any time. This is also why I'm not commenting too much, but you are eating some really tasty looking stuff. Rest assured, I am drooling and will soon be back with a (vegan with a) vengeance.
Easy, fast, green lunches:

Baby spinach, the eggplant mush, chopped red pepper, mushrooms, and the white beans. Topped with black pepper.

Baby spinach, red pepper, tomato, chopped broccoli, chickpeas and roasted rutabaga and parsnip that I made last night. Topped with tahini, lemon juice, and a little salt - no garlic for work! This salad was amazing. It might not be as beautiful as the kale, but dayum.
Also, more tester cookies for Dynise. These are hamantaschen, popular around Purim, a Jewish holiday. I remember eating these as a kid; I think my favorite was actually prune filling! These I filled with strawberry jam. Not what I remember - the dough is a little lemony for me, the jam too sweet, not to mention my lack of folding skills but I'm no Jewish grandmother. I think only they really know how to pull these off.


  1. Hamentaschen! My boyfriend taught me how to make these back in high school. I'd love to get the vegan recipe when it comes out!

  2. Eggplant mush! Love it. I know it's probably the leftovers from the Earthy Eggplant sauce you made earlier in the week, but eggplant mush sounds funny, yummy, but funny. Your salads always look incredibly munchable.

  3. Your salads look so great to me. I love lunches like this. Especially if they have eggplant mush and tahini. And the hamantashen look like the ones I used to make except I like prune filling, too, or apricot.

  4. "but I'm no Jewish grandmother"

    LOL i think they look ok!and i was really liking what your salad dressing looked, i have to try that out.i hate when my computer is being skeetchy.

    no garlic at work? why? jk:)!

  5. Dianne, you're lucky for having gotten a genuine recipe! I feel like a lot of people are pretty protective of them.
    Hehe, thanks Rose - I think it's a better description, though maybe not attractive-sounding.
    Andrea, I love apricot too! Have you made these? I'm not a huge fan of the dough but I have a ton leftover. I might actually try to do it with apricot, or prune even?
    Michelle - don't tell anyone but I pushed the ones I really messed up out of the photo :)

  6. You messed up some hamataschen worse than the ones in the photo? Now those would be interesting to see!

  7. I've never even heard of hamataschen! But then, I'm no Jewish grandmother either! Happy Sunday, Maud :-)

  8. Yummy looking salads!
    Those cookies look good! I never had time to make the chocolate mint cookies this weekend. We are about to head out the door again. Maybe I will have time one night this week. I have the mint extract, so I am good to go now! :o)

  9. Shen, the worse folding means optimal jam-to-mouth availability! It was..uhh..intentional!
    Aimee, when they're good, they're very good. Hope you're enjoying your (birth!)day too!
    Michelle - I'll be on the lookout at your blog - I hope you have some time!

  10. Bummer about the computer problems. The salads look great. I say eat the garlic!


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