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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mostly Raw Day

Despite the temps dipping way, way, back down to the flippin 30s from yesterday's high 60s, I thought today would be a good day to eat mostly raw.
Breakfast at 7:30 was a handful of dried apricots and two! bananas (don't worry, we have a zillion) with some raw almond butter. With black tea.
I had a snack around 12 of an orange. I was pleasantly surprised at how long I stayed full from breakfast.
Lunch at 2 was a coleslaw salad: spinach, coleslaw, sprouts, and tomatoes. About an hour later I also had about 8 ounces of this vegetable juice:

Have you guys tried this? It really wasn't that great - much, much too salty. I generally only like Bolthouse Farms bottled juice (when I don't want to pay for or make fresh juice) but the closest Whole Foods only carries the fruit juice varieties! Totes lame. Actually! I just tried to look for it on their website and it's not even there! I wonder if they discontinued it?! Even more totes lame.
Anyway, I had half an Amazing Grass Berry bar at 5, which I like a lot. Maybe more than the original, which I also enjoy but sometimes tastes too sweet.
When we got home at 7, I ate three of G's pita chips which was the first non-raw food I had all day, and then ate romaine wraps for dinner: romaine, muhammara, sprouts, tomatoes, spinach, cucumber and carrot. On the side was a bunch of broccoli in a lemon juice/mustard/tahini sauce.

Sorry for the dark picture - a light is out in the kitchen and we don't have a ladder to change it!
Dessert was the other half of the Amazing Grass bar, and some more tea. So the only non-raw stuff I had today was those three chips, the mustard on the broccoli, and the muhammara, although that juice was probably pasteurized.
I feel a little hungry but I might have some more water or something. It's kind of too late to eat anything anyway. Raw food always makes me feel so good and happy! Green and alive. It's astounding, really. I am taking a mini vacation Sunday through Wednesday, and I'd like it to be semi-cleansing, which would mean raw mostly, but there's a lot of cooking I'd also like to get done. Maybe I'll do some un-cooking? We'll see how everything goes.


  1. good for you! i always get cooked food hungry by the afternoon..any tips...?

  2. Wow, just looking at your post makes me feel good. Stop by my blog, I gave you an award!

  3. Michelle, I wouldn't really know - I never get "cooked food hungry," just HUNGRY and if the quickest thing to eat is already cooked food, I'll eat it. I'd guess, though, it helps what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day: if you get everything you need, and raw, there, why would you want to change anything later on? That raw breakfast really held me over. I guess it was the carb/fat/protein combination of fruit and nut butter. Really pleased with that.
    Dianne, thanks for the mention :)
    And merci, Aimee! I'm hoping to do more of it an incorporate a bunch of your delicious recipes I have tagged!


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