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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Why did you make a soup that looks like pee?"

Well, sure, fine. But it tasted good.

Soup is so awesome. And especially awesome for using up random things that would otherwise go to waste. This is a brassica soup: onion+garlic (as all soups worth anything start with), veg broth, broccoli stalks (the tops were for the polenta), the last of the celeriac (from the harvest crumble), and cabbage (from the wild rice soup). I added turmeric for pee color (and liver detox, among other things), caraway seeds and black pepper.

With collard wraps:

These blurry wraps included garlic hummus, sliced carrot, cucumber, and roasted red pepper. I love these things.

Also, 4 Things: From Michelle, but a la Shen because I can't think to answer my own.
4 TV shows:
Celebrity Rehab
Real Housewives
Kitchen Nightmares

4 Things I am Passionate About:
Cheap wine
Lentil soup
Blessed Mama’s desserts
My privacy

4 Words/Phrases I Use Too Much:
“No memes”
“Hello I’m Shen”
“It’s hard to come up with a blog title.”

4 Things I’ve learned from the Past:

Blessed Mama can do no wrong
Gratuitous pet photos will increase comments by 100%
Dip cookies in wine
New restaurants are not always worth it

4 Things I’m Looking Forward to:

Lunch tomorrow
Dinner tomorrow
Finishing these desserts
Playing with the pets

4 Things I love about Winter:

The crisp clear mornings of VA


  1. Wow. This is seriously uncanny! I didn't realize you were being me on the Fun Facts and I was thinking how much we have in common!

    I'm literally completely blown away! You got it 99% right (except it's 'Top Chef' instead of 'Kitchen Nightmares').

    Also, if that's what G's pee looks like, methinks he should see a doctor.

  2. Your soup looks yummy to me! Tumeric is so good for you! That is so sweet how you adore Blessed Mama. She is great! I think we all love her :)

  3. the title and Shens 4 did good! That just cracked me up!!
    Your "pee" soup does sound very good! :o) Those wraps look tasty also.

  4. ....haha, that certainly sounds like the Shen we've come to know and love! Well done...

    Shen, if you ever need an impersonator or a stunt'll know where to look!

    That soup sounds delicious to me...turmeric and caraway, yum!

  5. That's really funny. Funnier that she admitted that you got it 99% right. And funnier still Carissa thinks you're talking about yourself. She now thinks you go around saying, "Hello, I'm Shen." hahahaha

    And if you're going to tease SV, have we SEEN much of you in the photo department? You need to lead by example! :)

  6. Shen, along with approved dinners for me, you should send along witty quips for me to retort to Greg. Good thing I've begun chanelling your vibes because I need to step it up.
    Hehe - Carissa, the Master Cleanse is messing with your concentration a tad I think - but I am certainly going to try some BM desserts as soon as I can!
    Thanks Michelle, the wraps were a little wilted but still super tasty!
    Rose, caraway is a new addition to the kitchen - I had to buy it and am looking for anywhere to sneak it in but it worked really well in this soup.
    Jenny, you should try starting your mornings with "Hello, I'm Shen" - it really brightens the day. I know I'm not much one for "glamor shots" either but I think that's the only reason it's okay for me to tease SV ;)


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