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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some Sort of Soup, with Other Stuff

Hey hey well of course I forgot to take pictures of the food for you guys...but G didn't!
The morning was spent cleaning and then I ran out at around 1 to get groceries for the (late) lunch with my sister. Since she's ONLY my sister and not someone too important (kidding, Liz), I was a little less stressed about hosting than usual - she's a good conversationalist and knows how to chill so I wasn't too worried about getting everything exactly on the table as soon as she arrived, or about scouring the toilet seat lest she make a judgment about my standards of living. I didn't even Windex the coffee table! (Those chores will be for tomorrow...)
Anyway, good thing she's chill because the she was at the apartment for about an hour as I was still cooking. The kitchen got a little overwhelming at times but it was okay. It's a little rough to have four things going at once and a cake that refuses to bake.
The meal was a small step up from your very simple soup and salad. I made a roasted vegetable salad, wild rice-chickpea soup with tomatoes, and a plain vanilla cake for dessert.
But first, G laid out a really nice fruit/cracker plate:

Tossing and plating the salad:

The salad consisted of spinach, mixed greens, olives, roasted cauliflower, roasted carrots, roasted beets and roasted red pepper.
The soup, which evolved from "un-chicken noodle soup" to "chickpea wild rice soup" to "soup with wild rice...and those roasted tomatoes!" Whatever this soup was, it was tasty. I'll try to post the recipe tomorrow.

All together now:

You see that blue Magic Hat in the back? That's the one and only beer I drank with the meal!
And the...cake. Weird bird, she. I'm glad we had that fruit plate. (Oh, and backup chocolate!)

So, yeah. I'm glad my sister brought a bottle of wine to bide time but I think she (and her friend who came along) enjoyed herself. Happy Back to School, Liz. Lesson is: lunch with a sibling is way more laid back and fun than dinner parties for the parents.


  1. How interesting! What a thoughtful meal you made.

  2. That soup does sound like it rocks! I like the inclusion of olives and how it morphed from one type of soup into another.

    Sounds like a really nice meal.

  3. So the cake wasn't good? It looks good. Yes, I can imagine that lunch for a sibling is much more laid back. However, actually one of my sisters is really neat and organized, and the other is kind of messy - so I tend to clean a lot more for the other one.

  4. Rose - I love olives and should really try to include them in more things.
    Jenny - the cake...was alright. It is definitely not what it is meant to be - I had to bake it for double the time, and mid-baking, I actually had to re-stir the middle it was so liquidy! That's why there's sort of a star shape on top; I tried to slice through it to expose more area to the heat. Umm, my boyfriend likes it a lot. Like I said, it's edible and sweet but it has a puddingy sort of texture that is not really my cup of tea. Eh. I don't really even know what I did wrong! I might try it again.

  5. i read this like 1 min after you posted it, but i felt like a stalker that day after leaving you three emails. this sounded like fun and so grown up! does your whole family live in NY? very good looking soup!

  6. Haha, Michelle - at least the emails were all related! My brother just finished college so he's here until he finds a job and my sister was on her winter break here, but now she's back at school for her last semester.
    Thanks for the comments about the soup:)

  7. no prob:) and thats fun that you get to see them and get along with them.(siblings)


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