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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's on the Right Foot

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great night. G and I just had a few friends over to make chili and cornbread, drink a few drinks, and play Scrabble. Party animals, we. I'm glad it was a fairly quiet night.
For Friday's lunch, I fit in the last festively colored salad of December:

Spinach, roasted vegetables: Brussels, broccoli, and carrots, cherry tomatoes, hemp seeds, balsamic vinegar, nooch, and cranberries!

I'll get some pictures up of the chili later, because I'll probably have leftovers for lunch, but it was an adapted recipe from our friend, Matthew. He doesn't cook much but wanted to learn by starting here since there was an emotional attachment to chili (as well as just liking the taste) because his dad always made it when Matt was a kid. Chili is pretty easy and standard, as well as incredibly adaptable so I won't give you a recipe but this one included green bell pepper, tempeh, soy sauce, chocolate stout, and kidney beans. Oh and MAD PAPRIKA.
The cornbread was the simplest of simples, from Veganomicon, the only notable (to me) aspect being that I used fine ground cornmeal rather than my usual stone ground, and whole wheat flour. It was sweeter than some cornbreads I've had and very delicate. It was nice and my baby kit came to hang out in the warm kitchen and its camaraderie on Matthew's bag:

Now I'm taking the day off just because. I'll post again later but now I have to do some laundry and reading, or maybe just hang out with another improvised mimosa. Vitamin C and cayenne for my cold! Resolutions start gradually.

Speaking of which, this post by Alexandra Jamieson is pretty interesting. Being a little obsessed with reigmented and recognized beginnings (be they monthly, weekly, or yearly) I grasp at any opportunity to make a resolution, but I also try to cut myself a little slack so that I don't get inordinately depressed and panicky when my strict rules don't go as planned. It's natural for our bodies to retain weight in the winter and it's hard to go running when there's slush and ice all over the ground.
That said, I'm resolving to make fewer excuses this year. I would like to lose a little weight, I want to write more, eat healthier (cutting back on sugar, alcohol, and fats), and be a happier, nicer person. It's really not too much to undertake as I tend to believe they're all interrelated. Good food keeps you from feeling like crap physically and mentally, and when you're happy in yourself, you're nice to other people. Which I would like to be. Enough babble. Mimosas get me talky. Happy New Year everyone.


  1. "Resolutions start gradually."....I love it. I'm with you on that one.

    I love idea of the chocolate stout in the chili.

    Happy New Year!

  2. healthy food always makes me feel better, but why is it so hard to stick with? you know? ( i dont know really hoping you do) lol:)
    that was nice of you to help out your friend, and it sounds like a nice night altogether. i like doing stuff like that. you want to be a nicer person? you seem like you are on the right track my friend!

  3. I believe they are interrelated, as well. Your resolutions sound like mine, although I don't like alcohol so that's good, one less thing to eliminate. I really liked what you said on my blog about being happy with kids - like when you smile even when you feel bad, I think it tricks you into feeling better. That salad looks amazing and so healthy. Happy New Year!!!

  4. I like your new years resolution. Definitally doable! The picture of your cat is precious. Chocolate stout in chili sounds good almost like mole? I tried chocolate beer on it's own and didn't like it. Happy new year!

  5. Gorgeous Mimosa. The Chili sounds awesome. Dunno and mixing the Cranberries in with the Broccoli and Tomatoes, but could work. Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks for the nice comments, guys, and Happy New Year to you all!
    Rose and Carissa - the stout may or may not have added much to the chili but a deeper taste. I've never had mole, but I would think the chocolate flavor would be more pronounced in that.
    Shen, the cranberries were a risk but worth it, unless I were to save them to make your crancrazy cookies. I'm glad you like my "fancy" mimosa - I drank it out of an empty jam jar! So classy.


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