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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Mario Mustache

Happy Vegan Pizza Day! Did you guys know about this? I was so excited I took off work to prepare (I was also not excited to go to work and really wanted an excuse to stay home).
Pizza is nice because there are so many options with toppings. I had originally wanted to make two small pizzas with different toppings but the dough came out to less than I imagined it would be so I just went with a single larger one.
I used the recipe from Kris Holechek's 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes for Herbed Pizza Dough. I mixed in some cornmeal which gave a nice crunch to the crust.
I topped it with some jarred TJ's marinara sauce mixed with tomato paste, sliced onion, green peppers and broccoli, spinach, and spicy Field Roast sausage slices. Plus a dusting on top of nooch, red pepper, and black pepper. Less streamlined than I had orignially envisioned with the two separate pies, but as G said, "load it up." It worked. Pretty spicy, but very good!

Small salad on the side of romaine, spinach, carrot, cucumber and tomato. Hope you all got to celebrate! Now I'm gonna go top it all off with some wine.


  1. "My Mario Mustache"?! What the h*ll kind of title is that?

    No, I did not know it was Vegan Pizza Day. Thanks for the heads up at 5pm.

    Why is there a squooshed lemon in the picture w/a bottle of Balsamic Vinaigrette?

    "Load it up". Word.

  2. Is a Mario Mustache a wine mustache? If so, I have one right now too!

    I heard it was vegan pizza day...Happy Vegan Pizza Day! I heard too late though and already had dinner planned for tonight, so will have to celebrate in an unconventional way with vegan meat loaf instead.

    Your pizza looks rockin'! Way to load it up with the good stuff! I like the addition of cornmeal to the dough...must try that soon!

    PS: my capchta code is "Feckooloo" ! :)

  3. Mario! He's Italian! Like pizza! Duhhh. Or maybe only Greg gets it...

  4. Haha, the lemon was for the salad...

    Rose, wine mustaches are really classy. I LOVE all the captcha code words! I want the job making them up.

  5. Oh great! I didn't know about this vegan pizza day either! Great. The day is ruined.

  6. basically maud wore a giant fake mustache while she was making this pizza so the experience would be more authentic

  7. well, i'm bummed that i didn't know it was vegan pizza day so that i could properly celebrate. but i have enjoyed looking at your pizza, which looks great. and now that i think about it, i did have pizza - frozen tofurky italian sausage because i was on a short little road trip and was excited to find a store that sells them so we bought two and ate them at my brother's.


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