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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cooking from Actual Recipes

I'm a cookbook tester for Dynise's upcoming cookbook but have not made a damn thing yet, despite a whole lot of delicious looking recipes. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to actually go buy what I need for a recipe and give up on making it. Is that ridiculous? It is. Especially for someone who has as many cookbooks as I do.
Anyway, I just stuck it out and made her jambalaya. I'm really glad I did. This stuff is hearty and smoky; perfect to have around for the next few days (hello 8-12 more inches of snow). Despite having visited NOLA once about 6 years ago, I was already vegetarian and have never had authentic jambalaya. My brother, however, has lived in the South for the last five years and I'd love to hear what he has to say about this dish. With both vegan bacon and sausage, it's not something I'd usually make but it seems pretty omni friendly. The spice mix was very spicy and very good. I love it when I actually use my spices, which usually muster away in their box.

Has anyone ever had the real thing, or any vegan version of jambalaya? What did you think? Any recommendations on what kind of vegetable I can serve this with? As good as it is, I'm a girl who likes my greens...

Speaking of following recipes, I've also signed up for Lindsay's ingenious Cookbook Club! The first book we'll be cooking from is Veganomicon, so in the next month, I'll be making four or so recipes from that book as well. I have acutally USED this cookbook, but I'm excited to try out some more stuff. Both testing for Dynise and critiquing via Lindsay's guidelines and questions is really helpful and fun. It brings out the editor in me. Things are about to get fancy. And tasty.


  1. I've used Trader Joe's jarred Jambalaya w/sliced Tofurky sausage. I don't believe Jambalaya is usually served with a vegetable. Maybe Okra would be good.

  2. OMG...if this Jambalaya taste anything like the real thing, then you have one heck of a recipe on hand. Since I've only been a vegan for almost a year, I've had the real thing plenty of times. We never served ours with any kid of veggie, we just ate it with crackers or cornbread. Oh and it's good with beer! :o) I would love to find a great vegan recipe! Yours looks really GOOD!

    Oh, I am lazy like that! I won't go to the grocery store to get what I need for one recipe. I will do with out until I have to go to the grocery store for all groceries...ha

    Sounds fun about the cookbook club!!!

  3. hi Maud, no i dont think ive ever had traditional jambalaya from a restaurant, but i have made something like it before, i like it!oh and ive had a non-vegan dish of it(a looong time ago!LOL) and i liked the spices etc.

    dont listen to Shen, okra is so gross! its slimy it will ruin the whole thing!!!(i have an OCD aversion to just keep that in might not really be that bad) lol

  4. Shen, I rarely see okra here...I would try it if I could though. I bought some collards to sautee on the side because they're southern too...
    Michelle - I wish I still had some cornbread around, that would be good.


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