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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowed in and Food-less!

This is what always happens around holidays! I generally only buy the food we will use in three or four days (except canned beans or something) and try to grocery shop as little as possible around the big holidays because there are always crazy lines. Then I get so wrapped up in the holiday that I forget we need to eat normal foods and NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!

This is the view out our living room, with drifts up to about 4 feet deep! Do you see how that back wall has almost disappeared?? Not to mention that the winds got up to 47mph last night and our window was being pushed in to the extent that there was snow buildup inside! Wild. And we have no food! We ate the last fresh vegetables (1/2 cucumber and like 8 cherry tomatoes) last night!
My mother had moved the Christmas get-together to Sunday so my uncle and aunt could make it (although they didn't even because of the storm) so G + I ventured out yesterday in that mess (thanks for the ride home, Willy), Brussels sprouts and carmelized onions in tow. This is the same dish from the dinner party but I got photos this time!


I didn't take my camera but I also ate roasted potatoes, spinach salad with avocado, sunflower seeds, and pomegranate seeds in a balsamic vinaigrette, turmeric and curried cauliflower, green beans with almonds, and lima beans with stewed tomatoes spiced with honey and dill. There was a really nice spread. For non-vegans there was also grilled squid (yuck), chicken, ham, and butternut squash rolls but everything else, I could eat. And did. And enjoyed! My sister made the majority of it. She's a really good cook.
Desserts were a little lacking for my family because my aunt was supposed to provide the desserts but she didn't feel like coming out in the storm. Understandable. We rustled up some chocolates, and I had baked gingerbread biscotti with ginger and cranberry chunks. The recipe is in VCIYCJ. I dipped a few of them in chocolate. My sister had also made chocolate chip cookies with a lot of butter and milk, some awesome applesauce with molasses and walnuts, and my cousin had mailed homemade truffles, so no one was lacking for sweets.

Not to mention about six or seven glasses of champagne! Oy! So yeah, it was all great but then we came home to...condiments, some dried fruit, and a can of beans. I'm exaggerating a little. We also have canned tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash chunks, and some rice and quinoa. We certainly won't starve but I could really go for some spinach. Or kale. And some carrots right now. I'll post again later today and maybe will have some vegetables if I brave the streets.
Hope everyone is warm and safe, whatever it is you're doing today.


  1. Too bad you're vegan, otherwise you could kill G and eat him.

    On the bright side: At least you have electricity and internet access. How did people survive snow storms in the olden days?

  2. Dude...that is some serious snow! If we got that much snow where I live, people would totally freak out...seriously! And that wind...sounds like you are lucky that you have power. If you get out to brave that carful!

    YUM...the brussels and onions look delish! I'm gonna have to make that!

    My husband would kill for those biscotti! I love that you dipped some of them in chocolate....yum

  3. Bummer on the snow. We had a mess like that last year and it isn't fun. I hope you can stay put until the roads clear up a bit. I heard the trains weren't even running in NYC.

    stay warm,

  4. no food//no food? id be curled up in the bathroom by now chanting that to myself.
    hope it gets cleared up soon, its pretty food is no food!

  5. Shen, I am certainly counting my blessings to have heat and power, yeah.
    Michelle, the Brussels are so easy and really really good. The biscotti I liked but are..biscotti and too hard for my teeth! They would have been better with tea or coffee.
    Thanks, Ali. Luckily I had the day off anyway and didn't NEED to leave the house or be anywhere. The rest of the day was spent warming!
    DD, I was certainly panicking too but I got the food!!


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