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Friday, December 17, 2010

People are Weird

I veganized another Martha Stewart recipe from her cookie tome: UM. I love Martha Stewart and I especially love this book. Her recipes are beautiful and there is a photograph for almost every cookie. Even the ones that I doubt I could veganize (almond lace, meringues, macaroons, etc.) are a dream to ogle. This time around I made the cookies that are actually featured on the cover: Chewy Chocolate Ginger Cookies. I love ginger and I love chocolate and even not knowing what they actually were, I sought out the cover recipe because they were so pretty. Kris Holechek's similar "Spice and Ice Molasses Cookies" finally pushed me over the edge. So I made them.
This was a two day process for me but it doesn't need to be. The dough needs to be rolled out and chilled for at least two hours to make it easier to work with (I did it overnight just because I was too busy one night to do it all) and the next day, after they are formed into balls, they need to be chilled 20 more minutes. No big, unless you really want to eat them. Then that sucks.
Anyway, the only problem with veganizing recipes is that Earth Balance butter contains salt. And Martha's recipes always specifically say "unsalted butter." There was no added salt in the recipe, so I couldn't even cut back there. I cut back on the butter itself because the recipe called for a 1/4 pound and I just couldn't make myself measure that much out.
What I'm trying to say is NOT that Martha failed me but I didn't like these cookies as much as I really, really wanted to. That being said, I brought the remaining ones in to work the next day and everyone loved them. Either I'm more sensitive to salt than I thought or my hopes were too high to begin with or I was off-put by seeing how much grease was in the cookies or I actually really don't like soft cookies, but I was disappointed. Greg did say that they were better the next day and that they were really gingery - maybe I should have waited for them. Oh well. I'll take the compliments and fewer calories. Or maybe I'll just make them again and wait a day to try them. It's just frustrating because people are so vulturous for sweets, they'll scarf down anything I give them without really tasting it and I can't tell if the food I make is good or not. Does anyone else have this problem? I also don't take compliments well. Eh.


  1. Great title for a post.

    I get all excited.

    Then wuuuuuttt???

    Which part is the people are weird part?

  2. so was the center creme? i was looking at htis recipe in my friends book(same) and we were thinking of making them. i know hwat you mean about not being able to measure out that much fat!!!lol its hard for me too! if people were scarfing them down i would take that as a compliment! but if you wanted more feedback....then im sorry they didnt take more time. doesnt that suck how much time a cookie takes when they are made from scratch? then to see people not taking the time to really enjoy?? i jsut made gingerbread and the dough takes three hours to chill then you have to roll it out then cookie cut it then roll out more, etc etc!!! lots of work!!

  3. hey foodfeud!
    Hoorah! You won one of my cookbooklette from my Vegan Eats & Treats blog! Send me your mailing address please, and I will get your booklette in the mail tomorrow! (ameyfm at yahoo dot com)

    and, yes! I can definitely relate. Last night I made my gluten free & vegan cousin a bday cake, which I thought was pretty substandard, but my entire family loved it!? ??!! Oh well!

  4. Haha, Shen, people are just weird! I don't know, I was referring to them liking these disappointing (maybe?) cookies.
    DD - No creme, the gooey stuff in the center is just melty chocolate chip. My photo doesn't really do it justice. I feel you on the gingerbread thing. They chill FOREVER.
    And Amey! I am excited! I am emailing you now!

  5. Most people will eat anything which contains sugar, fat or salt and rave. Can't say I understand it either but we are in the minority.


  6. Exactly, Ali. That is how I meant to put it. Yeek.


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