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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, Ye of Little Faith

You want proof? Here's (some) proof that we actually made the fancy schmancy meal.
Lunch today was leftover butternut squash risotto, which I ate over some spinach and threw a few cherry tomatoes into as well.

This you'll be seeing a lot of, as it made a TON and is really filling. The Brussels sprouts all got eaten. They were very tasty, if you like onions. The pistachios gave a good crunch and the Brussels were a bit browned from the oven roasting (Shen) but softened up a bit when thrown in and sauteed with the carmelized onions.
Dinner was a step back from all the rich foods of late:

Salad, sesame crispbread, sliced zucchini, and hummus. Fresh and filling, though not a great photo. I don't know what that lemon is doing there.

And, also Biblically: ask and thou shalt receive. I probably won't be getting rid of the last batch of cookies, since they're already a few days old (and I'm growing to like them. I think they're better room temp than cold) but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to mailing out some baked goods to a lucky winner. Tis the season, after all. I probably won't want to mail anything out until after Christmas, not to mention I'm pretty busy until then, but let's see:
You tell me one of your favorite meals you cooked for someone you wanted to impress OR, simply, say, SEND ME COOKIES, and that'll be considered an entry for the baked goods giveaway. I'll pick a winner Sunday night (the 26th), so you have until then to enter. After that, we'll discuss what you'd like me to make, and what I'm actually capable of! Cool? Cool. One thing: I'm thinking U.S. entries only, if only for freshness sake.
Speaking of giveaways, I won one of Amey's cookbooklettes and it came in the mail today! If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She draws little cartoons for a lot of her entries and they are super cute. Plus all the food she makes looks awesome.


  1. what is this "filling" thing you speak of? am i some sort of never ending pit? im never full.

    COOKIES!! wait, im staying away from stuff like that...good thing im number one and my chances are slim:) (even though your cookies look great...and its not like i would pass them, no chance of that!!

    cookbooklettes, what an adorable word! i will be saying that to myself all night

  2. Thank you for restoring my faith in mankind. I believe! I believe!

    Alas, the coming together of my 'favorite meal/ cooking for someone else/trying to impress' never happened in my life. Guess I'll just have to bake those darn Martha Stewart cookies for myself!

    Tartlettes! Tartlettes! (Jon Lovitz on 'Friends' reference).

  3. Love how you used the leftover risotto. :-)

    No cookies for me but I wanted to say nice job on the dinner.


  4. I take Shen's

    That risotto looks so good! That's one thing that I haven't made yet.

    So...back to your baked goods giveaway. :o) The one thing I made that impressed... was potato soup for some friends. That's the only meal that I've made for anyone besides me and my husband. Wow, that's pretty sad!

  5. Haha, I am getting confused. Yes, cookbooklettes is the best word ever but the only Jon Lovitz reference I will ever get is "Yeah, that's the ticket!"
    But what I can't figure out is WHO WANTS COOKIES? (Don't worry Ali, I would never send you cookies by accident).
    You don't even need to have impressed anyone with a meal. Just say, "send me cookies" and you're in the running. I'm editing the post right now.

  6. Send me cookies. But just those Ginger Chocolate Chip ones.

  7. ill take Alicias cookies if her number wins!

    (im slyly infiltrating your giveaway..messing up your numbers, upping my chances....stealthily)

  8. Ohh, please send me cookies! Hmm, to impress a friend...I made garbanzo bean burgers with veganese/tahini sauce and for dessert I made chocolate chai tea cookies. She is not a vegan, but I wanted to convince her that vegan meals could be awesome! She LOVED both of them. YAY! Success :)


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