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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Now That the Oven's Working

Aw, Greg's dad helped us move in the last of G's stuff and all he got was a glass of water. We don't have much food in the apartment (somehow?! I just went to the store, didn't I?) and the one thing he almost accepted, I had shoved the last of into my mouth last night. Sorry, Ken.
I made lunch with the remnants of produce while G put his stuff away: Quinoa-stuffed acorn squash with braised kale.

The only notes I have on this are that it was pretty tasty. The kale especially: Minced garlic, vegetable broth to wilt the kale, and maybe a few too many red pepper flakes.
The sliced tomatoes would have been better mixed into the quinoa, but they were sort of a last second addition. They were nice on top at least.
I'm glad that squash is finally out of my life and the last of the quinoa cleared some space in the pantry for...something. Ken, maybe we'll feed you some time soon.


  1. That is a beautiful looking stuffed squash and you know I love the kale. ;-)


  2. What a beautiful and healthy meal!

  3. Ken didn't want a Cranberry Corn Muffin? So that Squash made the move from your old apartment to your new apartment?

  4. Shen - he didn't but that's my fault; I guess I shouldn't preface food offers with "They're not that great, but..."
    And ha! yes - the squash made it. It probably would have been better earlier, as it was a little dry on its own, but still good.

  5. The Cranberry Corn Muffins aren't that great??? Guess I'll knock those off my to-do list...

  6. No, make them! I apparently love to talk my food down.


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