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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Giveaway

I have a headache. Dirty Duck, you lucky duck, you won the cookie giveaway. Shen, I'll send you the recipe for those gingerbread-chocolate cookies if you want!
I'll post some photos from the past few days tomorrow, but right now I just wanted to get the winner up. I'll have time to blog to my heart's content tomorrow because as of now the snow is seriously a-blowing. I doubt I'll leave the house much tomorrow which is actually unfortunate because we have pretty much zero food in the house.
Stay warm and safe. I hope your holidays were good!


  1. YES!! thank you so much!! cheaters never prosper shen, let that be a lesson to jk. thank you agaim FF. sorry to read that there is so much snow, i would worry if i couldnt get to the grocery store...but im obsessive like that.

  2. I'm still sorting through my feelings about this, so for now I'll just say 'Congratulations' to you, Michelle.

    FF, hope you feel better, can dig out and eventually find food.


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